How Going Green Can Improve The Efficiency of Self Storage Industry

Self storage has evolved as a big industry in few years; it has proved to be profitable venture in the real estate market. The efficiency of a business is usually measured in the respect of the profit that business makes using lesser resources available. Now days more and more self storage companies are driving towards making their business more eco friendly. As the self storage company uses lesser of the resources available like air conditioning and water supply.

The companies are using the following ways to increase their efficiency.

  • Solar power: By using the solar energy, the storage companies are capitalizing the resource a lot. Usually the self storage houses have flat roof tops making it ideal for installing solar panels. The companies derive all the power from the solar energy and it is also good for providing heating solutions especially hot water. By using the solar energy the company can contribute to the environment by consuming electricity which has become a national asset these days.
  • Landscaping: Energy efficient landscaping is catching up these days. The designers are now designing the buildings in such a way that the building uses maximum of the available natural resources like light and fresh air. Enough ventilation is provided so that the circulation of air helps the building to be less moisture prone and the temperature remains in conjunction with the outer temperature. Glass is being used in the walls so that there can be enough light throughout the day hence resulting in lesser use of electric power.
  • Motion sensor lighting: The technology has proved to be a blessing these days. The new technology has been developed in past few years which is called motion sensors. By installing the motion sensors around the facility helps in conserving of the electricity. In the self storage industry it has been used a big way. As the flow of the customers is less so the light gets turned on only if the sensor detects some movement. Especially inside the storage unit where the customer comes back after a long time it has proved its worth, like if the customer forgets to turn off the light it remains on for sometimes months, so if the sensor is installed it will detect no activity and automatically turn off the light.
  • Green areas around: Nowadays small gardens and plants are grown around the facility contributing oxygen to the atmosphere. These plants are local and thus require less water and you do not have to water them every now and then. Resulting in conservation of water.
  • Water harvesting: The companies are also using the methods to harvest the natural water. The water that comes out of the drain pipes are treated and conserved. They also use the rain water to its maximum. The water coming out of the roof drainpipe is directed to the gardens so there is no need to water the plants.

These are the 5 common things which the self storage companies adopt to contribute to the environment, hence increasing their efficiency and achieving their desired customer satisfaction goals.


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