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Why Switch to LED Lighting?

With people increasingly becoming aware of environmental issues, new technologies as to how to save energy have been developed. More and more households are looking for methods on how to reduce their energy consumption and hence save money.

A great option to lower your energy bills is LED lighting as offered by LED Lighting Depot. It offers a great alternative to traditional lighting methods and comes with a range of benefits for both consumer and environment.

You would have to search for quite a while if you want to find a more efficient lighting solution than LED lights. They use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs which is why they also help to decrease CO2 emission. On top of this, the durability of these lights is up to 50,000 hours whereas conventional bulbs only last for about 1,000 hours and hence produce more waste.

Whilst conventional energy saving lamps still contain lots of toxic chemicals, such as lead or mercury that harm our environment, LED lights are free of these substances. Another disadvantage that comes with traditional energy saving lamps is that they often take a few seconds to light up whereas light-emitting diodes illuminate straight away. They are also a lot quieter than conventional lamps that sometimes hum.

Another advantage is that LED light bulbs don’t contain nominal UV radiation which results in a conventional light bulb heating up. This is particularly beneficial for commercial use when fire safety regulations or water resistance is required. A further benefit in this context is their vibration-resistance and robustness. Thus, LED lights can be used in places where traditional lights would not live up to safety and security standards.

On top of this, the flexibility of LEDs is not negligible. Besides their large field of application, they come in different versions to suit your needs. They are even available as strips and can literally be attached anywhere.

The relatively high acquisition costs of LED lights are definitely compensated by their efficiency and cost savings that can be realised. Additionally, maintenance costs can literally be eliminated.


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  • Have been wanting to do this in our kitchen for some time. They are just so expensive it’s really hard to make the jump. Do you know if you can just change one of two bulbs at a time? We have 12 to chance so it’s over £100.

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