Green Technology Tendencies in 2013

Green technologies have already embraced the whole world and almost the entire range of industries and scientific fields. The only thing left is to forecast how fast the alternative energy and ecofriendly treatment will be realized into life and completely replace the conventional livelihood of the global society. In practice, there are various assumptions concerning green technologies introduced to the public. One of them is related to tendencies that might occur in 2013, offered by Dallas Kachan and Kachan&Co, the marketing and consulting company specializing in clean technologies. So, here is the list of possible trends.

  1. Solar and wind power plants will be implemented slower, than it was during last decades. The key thing is that companies engaged in communal services do not observe gradual progress of the alternative energy facilities, which leads to bigger financial expenses and eventually lower investment attractiveness of the business. Massive energy production is too distant perspective to invest money, especially when the possibility of energy storage and using it in immediate cases is little.
  2. The extraction industry may go green! As it is the most polluted and green-opposite economic activity, mining industry is expected to become armed with technologies and innovations that prevent from damaging the surrounding areas and environment. Kachan features new methods of water clarification, usage of sensors and telematics systems, and logistics software ready to optimize transportation and fuel expenditures.
  3. Coal is recognized as the dirtiest fuel for many decades, taking into account the emission of solid substances into environment. 2013 might be the date, when it will be transformed into a clean fuel. Scientists from the U.S. and Europe are working on technology that enables to use coal in power plants with minimal damage to the environment. In 2013, China also plans to strengthen its research in this field.
  4. Green technologies are also supposed to advance in agriculture. Both agricultural companies and their primary customers, people, share the interest in yield capacity and its increase, which might be attained if green technologies are implemented. In addition, it is also preconditioned by constant criticism of agriculture producers, who are accused of the impact on climate change and the reduction of fresh water reserves.
  5. Electric cars happened to be the brightest image of how green technologies improve peoples’ life. However, the demand on these vehicles might reduce and be inferior to traditional cars with combustion engines. To be more précised, it is referred to perspective technologies, which are focused on fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. They will obstruct financial and fuel expenses and, therefore, outrange electric cars as main competitors on the automobile market.


All in all, Dallas Kachan has offered a good food for meditation. There are both positive and negative thoughts, which should be considered thoroughly. The only way to confirm they have sense is to look what changes the year of 2013 will bring.

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