How to Go Green While Moving?

You want to relocate and this time with a difference. Relocation is inherently tedious and full of hassles. Plus, to do it in a “Go Green way”, adds to the misery. Relocating relates to a lot many things. It starts from arranging a moving service, packing up stuff, loading and unloading. It ends at the cleaning up and aftermath of the relocation.

The environment has already suffered a lot due to mistreating and troublesome human ways of doing things. It’s time that you consider going Eco-friendly with almost everything you wish to accomplish, big or small.

Following are some innovative helpful ideas about how to move your stuff in an environment friendly way. This would also help lessen your guilt of being irresponsible and disrespectful to your mother nature.

Contemplate Your Move:

Do not start the process haphazardly. Ponder over it. Start with searching and finding a reliable, secure, comprehensive moving service in your town. Like, if you happen to be a Londoner, you can get the affordable services of Man and van bath. Plan on how you would pack your stuff, preferably, with recyclable and reusable boxes or cartons. If possible, go for already used products, made available by many store keepers and second hand dealers. This would save your time and money, plus, give worth to already used products.

Keep a Check On The length You Travel:

Go for a moving service that is at a minimum distance from the point of pick up and drop off as well. Less the distance and fuel consumption, less is the harmful smoke. Prepare a list of stores and other services you want to opt for in advance. Settle the deals telephonically as far as possible. This would allow for lesser trips and consequently lesser emissions. Always check the size of the loading truck beforehand so that you complete the moving process in one take.

Sell, Recycle, Reuse:

Sell your old, no more used, stuff. Donate clothes to cheap outlets, non-profit organizations etc. Sell or donate books to various libraries. Sell furniture, paintings and other household products, preferably, in a second hand market. You can also go for virtual ways like online selling and exchange. Use recyclable boxes, crates and cartons. There are many variants available in the market such as FROGBOX, RecoPack, to name a few. Don’t forget to put some household stuff to recycle. Cardboard, box-board, paper, plastic bottles and products, soda cans, food cans, glass jars etc., all come under the category.

Give away unopened or any refrigerated food to food pantries or ill fated people in your locality. All this would help you in lessening trash and increase re-use.

Recycle Your Electronics and Gadgets:

Instead of dumping the gadgets in the unused drawers, storerooms and landfills, try recycling them too. There are plenty of tech-recycle stores in the market today.

In The Aftermath Of Relocation:

Alright, the relocation is over, but not your job. It is your duty now to put the things used in relocation to recycle. Cartons, boxes, wrappers etc. should be recycled. It’s better if you use plastic or reusable versions of these in the first place. Make sure you turn off the electric and gas supply in your old place. Bathroom and kitchen taps should be checked for drips and wastage. Turn off the main water valve.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Up:

Always use environment friendly, non-toxic, and safe cleaning supplies. When you move in, you clean up the place first. Good old basic products like baking soda and water may be considered here. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are mild to your skin and lungs, ground water, and to the nature on a whole.

Storage of Excess Stuff:

You don’t want to throw some stuff; they might come useful in future. At the same time you cannot afford to keep them at your place, because it’s already full. Now you must think of storing them at someplace safe, secure and well alarmed. There are many efficient services like man and van services in bah , in the market today. These cater to all your removal, moving and storage needs. With all these services at hand, you can rest assured that the removal and moving would definitely be a hassle less event for you.

With this, you have got more than enough, points and ideas on how to be earth-friendly while moving. In fact, you can always innovate and come up with brighter ideas. It is never going to be more, whatever you do for your mother nature..!!


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Tony is a writer and environmental enthusiast. Apart from writing about DIY guides, and home improvement tips, he is concerned about creating awareness about modern home decor ideas and storage ideas, relocation tips some simple steps like Man and van services in bath, saving money, using modern techniques and implementing right technology can help. That’s exactly what Tony loves to write about.

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