Best Ways to Recycle Your Old Technology

Recycling your old tech is crucial in this day and age. If your old computer parts end up in a landfill site, the ‘heavy metals’ that the components are constructed from are toxic and contain carcinogenic chemicals which are harmless when you’re using them, but dangerous in a landfill.

Depending on where you live, there might not be a lot of information around to help you get rid of your old tech in the least harmful way possible. This article seeks to help illustrate some of the ways in which you can recycle your old tech responsibly.

Try and make a buck out of it

Before you spend money on lugging your old desktop computer halfway across town to a recycling centre, try selling it – you’d be surprised at how many replies you might get if you post details of your computer up on a noticeboard.

It’s guaranteed that a lot of people will find some use for at least a few parts inside your computer, or your old iPad. Visit websites like to get rid of your gear and make some cash while doing so.

Check with your community

Before you try and place old tech in your recycling bins, make sure you check with your local community or recycling centre about the most appropriate way to prepare your tech for recycling.

If your community doesn’t have its own recycling centre, but there is a private one operating in the area, make sure you check its management practices before you hand over your old tech. For instance, make sure that it’s a requirement of theirs that you erase all your old personal data off your phone or computer before you hand it over.

Check at your workplace

If you work at an office that’s pretty tech-heavy, like a film or TV production company, check if they already have some kind of tech-recycling programme. Chances are that they do, due to new litigation in many states.

If they do, start recycling your personal tech with them. If they don’t, you should ask your boss about whether you can help them start up a new recycling programme.

Check with the manufacturer

Because of the new laws, manufacturers now have to comply with recycling rules, too. As a result of this, many of them will accept your old tech (as long as they manufactured it) for recycling.

Apple now accepts old iPads, iPhones and iPods for recycling. Dell Reconnect accepts both their brand of tech as well as others. You can have your old Dell product picked up and recycled for free, from home or from the office. They will also take back your old computer, no matter what the brand, when you buy a new computer with them.

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  • You omitted one of the most socially responsible ways to recycle ALL your electronics and provide meaningful work opportunities for formally incarcerated persons. For some examples check out RecycleForce in Indianapolis and HomeBoy industries in CA.

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