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Scooting Down the Road Safely

More people are buying scooters today than ever before thanks, in part, to their amazing fuel economy. According to Allstate, it’s important to ensure that you are riding your scooter safely. The insurance giant is quick to point out that while driving a scooter is economical, it is not always safe. Here’s how to make sure that you are sharing the road both responsibly and safely:

1. Be Defensive

When you were in driver’s ed, you were taught to be a defensive driver. These lessons are even more important for operators of two-wheeled vehicles. Because you are smaller on a scooter, you are less visible to other drivers. It’s up to you to drive defensively. Never assume that people driving cars can see you, always assume that they can’t. Don’t drive in peoples’ blind spots, never cut in front of cars and be extra cautious when moving through traffic lights and stop signs.

2. Your Wardrobe

You don’t have to wear racing gear while operating your scooter but, according to Allstate, you should wear bright, visible clothing. Never wear black or other dark colors, especially at night. Designate one sweatshirt or jacket to your scooter-riding gear and add reflective strips of tape to its back. Always wear long sleeves and pants while operating your scooter and never wear sandals. Not only will the proper wardrobe protect you from sunburn, but it will also protect you from debris flying up from the road.

3. Helmets

Law in many states does not require experienced riders to wear a helmet. Even though the law may not require that you protect your noggin, make the choice to do so. It only takes a matter of seconds to be involved in a traffic collision and, if it happens, there’s a very real possibility that you’ll be thrown from your scooter. A helmet can mean that you survive the accident without a traumatic brain injury.

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4. Know the Road

When you drive a car, you probably avoid large potholes in the road. You may slow down for bumps and pay extra attention to uneven road surfaces. When you drive a scooter, you may have to do more than simply pay attention. Keep in mind that a scooter may not be able to make it over the same size pothole that your car can. Uneven road surfaces present more of a danger to scooters, as do animals and birds in the road. Keep an eye on the road ahead of you and to the side of you to avoid these dangers.

5. Safety Course

Like helmets, some states require licensing and some don’t. No matter what the law requires in your state, sign up for a motorcycle or scooter safety course. These courses will teach you how to drive responsibly and how to share the road with four-wheeled vehicles in a safe way. Many of these courses can also teach you how to select the proper protective clothing, helmet and other safety gear for your new transportation.

Are scooters dangerous? They can be if you don’t take the time to learn how to operate them properly. Follow the tips above and you will be as safe and responsible as you can hope to be while scooting down the open road.

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Jeff Kane is an avid blogger. If you want to buy a gokart and want to make sure you’re safe on the road, look into safety tips at Kenzie Powersports.

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