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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Using Humus Compost

As the environment heats up due to global warming more organic matter in the soil will decompose and be converted to carbon dioxide.  This will increase global warming even more.  It will also decrease the fertility of the world’s soil and decrease the capability of producing food.  One way to combat the decrease in organic matter in the soil is to add it back by using more humus compost.

Humus compost is a special form of compost that is made in a process that binds carbon to clay particles that prevent further decomposition.  This carbon remains in the soil and increases the percentage of organic matter in the soil.  The carbon that remains in the soil helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere and at the same time improves fertility of the soil.

Fishnure™ is humus compost made from fish manure, oat straw and a small amount of clay.  It is an efficient and economical organic fertilizer that promotes vigorous plant growth.  Using Fishnure™ on lawns and gardens instead of using chemical fertilizers will not only prevent stream pollution from runoff but will help in slowing down global warming by locking up carbon in the soil.

Fishnure™ is available with free shipping anywhere in the US at


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