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Valuable Eco-friendly Camping Tips

Camping helps us to relax and get closer to nature. It is one of the best ways to get away from daily chores and build closer family ties in a natural, fun-filled environment. But sometimes our camping trips can have a negative impact on our environment. We need to do our best to preserve our environment for the next generation. So here are 5 valuable tips you can apply to make your next camping trip an eco-friendly one.

Use Solar Power

When camping, it is best to make use of solar powered equipment. Solar energy is eco-friendly and cheap. Portable solar powered equipment creates clean, noiseless and smokeless electricity. So on your next camping trip, leave the generator at home and set up a solar panels camping site. You can buy solar powered stoves, grills, lamps and bath showers in eco-friendly camp gear stores.

Handle Your Waste Properly

Waste usually poses a major environmental challenge in campsites. Many campsites now provide separate disposal bins for rubbish and recycling. But if your campsite does not have these, take away all the litter you create during your stay. Don’t burn your rubbish with fire, as this pollutes the air. You should do your best to avoid leaving any litter behind since it could take years for such items to decompose completely.

Make Eco-friendly Fire

Some campsites have fire restrictions. Please do your best to adhere strictly to them. If you can’t make a fire, use a stove to cook. Take a lantern to provide light at night. And use thick clothing to keep warm. When you are allowed to make a fire, try to use previously cleared ground instead of clearing a fresh portion of land. Use fallen wood rather than cutting fresh wood from a tree.

Share Camp Gear

A nice way to minimize the negative impact of camping on the environment is to share camp gear instead of buying new ones. Even though you may sometimes need to buy new tents and other items, the production of these items impacts negatively on the environment. So borrow your camp gear instead of buying. A great way to get the best camping gear without paying for it is to join an organized group of campers. As a member, you can share equipment, experiences and other eco-friendly tips and ideas.

Use Natural Fabric and Personal Hygiene Products

When going on your next camping trip, take only natural eco-friendly fabric. These clothing usually needs less water and soap to wash. They are made of natural materials such as organic cotton, soy, bamboo and hemp. You should also try to get hiking boots that are made out recyclable materials and are manufactured in eco-friendly factories.

In addition to using natural fabric, you should also avoid using soaps, cosmetics and body sprays that contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Some of these harmful chemicals include: siloxanes, triclosan and BHA.

There you have 5 valuable tips on environmentally friendly camping. As you plan for your next camping trip, you should bear these ideas in mind. Let’s adopt an eco-friendly camping lifestyle that will create a cleaner and greener environment.


About the Author: Grace is free lance writer who is always on the look out for great environmentally friendly tips, and spreading the word as much as possible. Using portable solar panels was her inspiration for this article, and she hopes to find more eco friendly tools for everyday life. When she is not writing Grace enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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