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Apr 10

LED Christmas Lights Can Be Used All Year Round

LED Christmas lightsIn the last few years my family have been replacing all of our light bulbs with CFL and LED light bulbs because they are the greener option. Recently I have really seen the benefits of using LED lighting in our home. We have noticed the energy savings from not using incandescent or ordinary tungsten bulbs. LEDs use only 10% of the energy of incandescents and are 90% more efficient than their older tungsten rivals. LED bulbs look better and last longer as well. You can’t beat that.

I obviously knew LED lights were used for ordinary indoor lights and Christmas lights, but I then found out it was LED rope lighting some local restaurants were using. They look great and are very practical. I’m thinking of adding LED rope lighting to my deck. This will create a cool ambience and help to make a more eco-friendly outdoor lighting environment.

LED Christmas lights wattage is significantly less than standard incandescent lights yet they are brighter and remain true to their color, making LED Christmas light power consumption far less than incandescent bulbs, you can find more info and products here. LEDs allow freedom to connect many more LED strands together. Other benefits of using LEDs are they last longer (average of 100,000 hours use), they stay cool to the touch, they can be safely used indoors or outdoors and they are nearly unbreakable.

With LED lights being so versatile you can use them in many different ways indoor or outdoors. Trees inside or out can be decorated for gatherings at your home. Walkways can be lit up and your parties will be more memorable with your house decorated with LED lighting.

LED Christmas lights are a great way to decorate your home inside and out during any month of the year. LEDs are so versatile with all of their different colors, sizes and textures. I encourage everyone to look into replacing all of your old technology bulbs with LEDs. Your home will be more eco-friendly and safer.


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  1. Diana

    Great article! I switched to LED’s this past year for Christmas and I’ve decided to use them on my patio and trees lining my walkways in the back yard. They look amazing! I had a hard time finding them retail and ended up finding great deals and lots of options online at Christmas Lights Etc. So far, I’m almost a year into use for the first set and have had no issues!

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