Some Great Green Home Renovation Ideas

Those people who wish to go green but cannot build or buy a new home can achieve their goal by renovating their home green. You can make yourself a green house with both health and financial benefits by simply integrating changes which are environmental friendly. Green houses are, most importantly, harmless to Mother Nature. Small green renovations will not only save the ache of spending much money but also you are likely to fall in love with them.

Most people do not know that they can instantly change their homes into a place more desirable using quick and energy saving green renovations. These changes are able to reduce dramatically the bills on energy, reduce the amount of water used, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building. Global warming and climate change, which we hear of every day in the news, have increased people’s interest in purchasing green homes. There are great environmental friendly changes you can do to your house, below are just some of them.

Radiant Barrier: Radiant barrier helps during summers to keep the rooms cooler. Installing one in your top story can save you some cash on utility-related bills. It is a large foil of tin which keeps heat from the house by reflecting it.

Low Flow Faucets and shower heads: the amount of water used by four family members in a week, who shower daily, equals nearly to the amount one person drinks in a quarter of a year. This wastage can be reduced to about 60% if you replace the old shower-head with a low-flow one. Besides reducing your water bill, you will have contributed your part towards saving the environment. Installing high performance faucets and shower heads is one of the cost effective styles to go green. They also help save lakes which during hot seasons dry up.

Solar heating: You stand to save a lot of money if you use these solar panels for heating during winter. Examples of solar heating which you can install in your house during home renovations include solar heaters and solar panels. These systems stores energy and only use it when required.

Recycling Center: is a place for recycling paper, aluminum, glass and cardboard. When you collect all the garbage in your home and take it to your nearest recycling centre, you contribute massively to saving the environment by significantly reducing the impact garbage has on landfills.

Energy Efficient Products: you should start purchasing home improved items which are made using recycled materials. Examples include replacing with CFL, which consumes little energy, the traditional bulbs, which have high wattage. You can also recycle your beaten up computer and its parts so as to eliminate the threat they may pose to the environment if not properly disposed.

These green renovations therefore help you save a lot of money on utility bills. By making them you also do your duty as responsible citizen, besides enjoying the benefits. Another listing is the best renovation ideas from BuildMe. Both the planet and you benefits when you are eco conscious.


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