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An Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Can Save the Planet

A large majority of the world’s population realizes that in order for us to save our future generations from extreme hunger, famine and poverty we have to ‘go green’. This phrase basically means to let go of all those products and activities in our lives which can lead to pollution or any damage to the world as we know it. Among many of the eco-friendly ways to go green is by buying less plastic products and more things that can be recycled and re-used. We also save the world’s forests by using recycled paper, or recycled bags for shopping. By making these little changes in our lives, little by little we can bring a revolutionary change in the world that makes our planet a better place for our children.

Another great way to go green is by bringing about a change in your wardrobe! Yes, your clothes can also be eco-friendly and it is actually not that difficult to do because nowadays a lot of brands are producing clothes that are ‘green’ -figuratively speaking. What this basically means is that the cloth that is being used to make the shirts, pants, accessories does not harm the environment or is made in a way that has not been harmful to Earth. So, now dividing them into two categories, it can be easier for you to understand and choose a wardrobe for yourself that can make you a part of this ‘Go Green’ revolution.


Eco-friendly Clothes

Now you must be thinking how it is possible to make such clothes. Well, for beginners these sustainable clothes are produced in factories that produce minimal pollution and do not use chemical dyes. These clothes are also made from natural fabrics that have not been exposed to chemicals or pesticides. For example, we are now seeing leading brands use organic cotton to make their clothes, which means that the cotton they have used has been grown organically without the help of pesticides or any such anti-environment product.

This decade has also seen the rise of using bamboos in bags and clothes, which is again a very Eco-friendly cloth along with being soft and easy to wear. There is also a trend nowadays of making natural silk!


Sustainable Design

These are the clothes that are designed and produced in a way that has not caused harm to our natural environment. Responsible designers of these types of brands and clothing lines are making extra efforts in bringing to your clothes that not only look good but you can feel good wearing them, knowing that you have not caused any damage to the world. It is definitely a burden of our shoulders because we are causing so much harm to our environment and in result to ourselves without even being aware of it. These clothes are meant to be recycled and reused once not wanted by someone else. In order to save our world from further harm, all of us have to play a role in it in whichever way we can.

We could go on and on about how we can save our planet by making small contributions, through buying clothes that are environmental friendly. However, it is advisable that before buying these products do your research on where the cloth is coming from.


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