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3 Cool Furniture Ideas Made Out of Recycled Books

Book lovers everywhere would like to get more life out of their old books. It hurts us to throw any book away, no matter what kind it is or how out of date. That is why I love projects that recycle old books into something new and useful. Here are three great and easy projects to change your old books into cool furniture designs for your home.

1. Book Headboard – This first design is one I really love. It is so simple to make also. All you need is some plywood, some nails, and of course some hard backed books. You want the books to all be about the same size for a uniform look. Just cut the plywood into the right size and shape for your headboard and then make a mark where the mattress hits. Above that mark lay out your books, open, and see which layout works the best to cover the whole area. Once you have them lined up just nail them on and cover up the nails by using double sided tape for the cover page. A great headboard in no time at all!

2. Floating Book Bookshelf – This is so cool! Make your own floating bookshelf out of books! All you have to do is attach a bracket to an old book and use that as a base to stack up a collection of books that appear to be floating on the wall.

3. Book Table – This cool book table looks easy to make, although there really are not any instructions. The spiral effect of the base is neat and all it would take is a thin piece of wood to support a tabletop of books. A great idea for a library or game room!

Hopefully I have given you some great ideas on things you can create from recycled books. Books are such a neat medium to work with and can last forever if taken care of properly. Have fun discovering new ways that you can use old books!


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