8 Eco Friendly Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Making a dedication to living a greener life is an admirable thing to do. When you want to upgrade your living space though, it can be difficult to know where to start. Before rushing out and replacing everything at your local home store, we have a few suggestions for you.

Here are eight ways to transform your living room without compromising the environment.

Upcycle furniture from charity shops

You’ll be amazed at what you can find in your local charity shops. Go with an open mind, and look at for pieces that could do with a bit of TLC, but have the potential to be fabulous. With a lick of paint, you could turn something old into something personalised and beautiful.

Reupholster rather than replace

If your sofa’s looking past its best, you don’t always need to throw it away and buy something new. Instead, look into getting it reupholstered. It’ll be much cheaper, and the results can be just like new. Another great option here is to use throws and cushions to add some colour.

Add life with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are an excellent way to add life to any room. You could go for a walk in the woods and even find some beautiful wild flowers for free. If you water them regularly, they could last for well over a week.

Buy for life

If you really do need to invest in some new furniture, looking for the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best idea. Instead, seek out items that will last forever. You’ll save money in the long term, and you’ll be getting the pieces that you really want, rather than just a temporary solution.

Spring clean with natural products

A good spring clean can rejuvenate your living space, and even your mind! But instead of buying harsh chemical products, look out for more natural ones or consider making your own. Even lemon juice can do the trick when it comes to moving tough stains.

Use reclaimed or sustainable wood for flooring

Wooden flooring doesn’t have to be bad for the environment. If possible, used reclaimed wood, or seek out manufacturers with a dedication to sustainability. The results will be just as good, but you’ll know that you’re doing your bit.

Create a feature from existing pieces and foraged items

We all love having talking pieces in our home, and the shops are full of items that cost a fortune. However, you don’t have to go down this route. You could full coloured wine glasses with flowers or shells, and have your very own individual ornaments that can’t be found elsewhere. The only limit is your imagination.

Organise a neighbourhood home swapping party

Swapping parties are a great way to get some new items for your home without spending a penny. Organise a get together in your local area, and ask everyone to bring along the pieces that they no longer want. It’s much more environmentally friendly than buying new, and is a good excuse to bring everyone together for a chat and a catch up.

As you can see, updating your home décor while sticking to your green commitments doesn’t have to be difficult.

Have you ever followed any of these tips? Were you happy with the results?


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