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The Benefits of Green Building

malibu_green buildingLiving green is essential to protect the environment and the future. There are numerous ways of living green, which include building green homes. If you are seeking a smaller and more efficient residential home, you can opt for a narrow design. The centuries old housing design is on the rise in suburbs and cities. The narrow home designs include traditional, compact, contemporary and cottage. The innovative, elegant and stylish houses foster a sense of community where demand of new homes is high or land is precious.

Less building materials

Compared to large homes, skinny homes require less building materials. This helps to reduce the cost of buying building materials. Not only can you save money for various profitable uses without compromising on building your dream home but also minimize on waste. The designs help conserve precious resources and significant social and economic benefits.

Greater land-use efficiency

The designs can help increase residential density within an area. Land use efficiency ensures proper balance between conserving forest land and agriculture and accommodating urban growth. Furthermore, proper use of land makes more efficient use of infrastructure and utilities as well as tax saving due to reduced infrastructure costs such as maintenance and construction.

Lower utility bills

An efficient home can help lower your monthly electricity bill. The narrow design can assure every part of the house receives adequate sunlight. If the house goes up several stories, you will have bright lighting. You don’t have to switch on the lights during the day thus saving you electricity and energy.


Small lots are affordable than large pieces of land. Building a narrow home is an affordable option to persons suffering money restraints. The selection of narrow home designs ensures that every individual finds a design that suits the intended budget. You don’t need to have a lot of money to buy a small lot and build a home. Furthermore, you can make flexible payments on a predictable and customizable payout plan.

Unique designs that maximize interior space

Additional narrow home designs are still being developed to cater for the growing demand. You can go for a unique and customizable design that reflects who you are while serving the desired function. Two or three story designs are ideal when maximizing the use of the limited space. In a narrow home, no space is left unused. This minimizes the need to acquire an additional lot and start building again.

You can contact proficient designers and architects to offer you the best narrow block design for your piece of land. The sitting, footprint, floor plans, exterior and interior finishing can be adequately designed by making practical considerations. The flexibility and possibilities of this model of housing enable adaptability to constraints of budget, site, family size and climate.
Tips to living green in today’s busy world:

Turn your appliances off
Use home based products such as vinegar and baking soda for cleaning
Buy organic foods
Avoid bottled drinking water
Reuse stuff
Take the stairs
Get outside for fresh air


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