Modern Green Homes – New Trend in Architecture

In the past decade, architecture has taken a new dimension with new graphic designs and construction techniques. This has consequently led to rapid growth in real estate industry. Modern green homes have become a sensation in the 21st century. There are various factors that are taken into consideration while designing modern homes. Let us try to understand more about them.

Natural Light

Great emphasis is given to this aspect of architecture in modern designs. Large single-piece glass doors and windows are a prominent feature of luxury homes. This helps in increasing natural light and also reduces artificial power consumption.

modern green homes
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Green Homes

Depletion of natural resources and increased understanding of its consequences has led to the development of luxury green home industry. The most recent trend in designing green homes is using recyclable wood and metal materials. Low-impact and energy efficient designs are important characterstics of modern architecture. Most luxury home builders prefer to use a combination of wood, glass, and colorful tiles to give an elegant look to homes. Solar power is used for lighting and heating needs in green homes.

Space Utilization

Space dynamics has become a key factor in designing homes. Modern architectural designs focus on creating a spacious environment within home with few pieces of luxury art forms. The effective utilization of space gives a feeling of openness to homes. A great way to utilize space is to focus on decentralized structures for halls and rooms with artwork and sculptures in diagonal corners.

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Colour Themes

White, turquoise blue, ivory, and other light colors are widely used colour themes for luxury homes. Light colours enhance internal lighting effect. The interiors are designed to create a soothing effect synergistically with colours used.


Luxury home builders give high importance to utilizing extra space area for small gardens where home owners can grow different types of vegetables and flowers. The inclusion of vegetable garden enhances the appearance and value of property. The surroundings of home are designed to provide a natural feeling. Trees, stones, and small flowering plants are used to synergistically enhance the looks of garden walkways. Granite tiles and stone tiles are used to blend with natural surroundings in gardens.

Modern Tiles

Drive ways often use rough textured tiles. Interlocking and single slab tiles are the most famous types of tiles used for drive ways. The interlocking tiles combine to give circular and rectangular designs to the driveway and garden walkways.

modern green homes
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Sunrooms have become a sensation in luxury home industry. Built with glass and wooden frames, these rooms are great for spending time in the mornings and evenings. Rectangular, circular, and triangular designs are commonly used for these rooms.


Open spaces are also used to improve ventilation in homes. Large sliding glass windows and heavy curtains help in controlling ventilation effectively.

Luxury homes are a symbol of elegance and delight. Combining luxury with green practises is a creative way of building green homes that depict nature’s beauty in a unique way. We hope the above information helped in increasing your knowledge and understanding of modern luxury homes.

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