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5 Ways to Recycle and Make Money

Recycling is fast becoming a way of life and not just an option. Thanks to extra recycling facilities provided by many local authorities, households now have an easier way of recycling their rubbish than ever before. Despite these added services, DEFRA still claim we only recycle 17 per cent of the 30.5 million tonnes of household waste produced each year, which is low compared to some of our neighbouring countries, some of whom are achieving a 50 per cent recycling rate.

We all know recycling makes sense, and although many of us are doing our best to make a difference, for some the process of recycling some goods is just too much trouble. Pollution, climate change and landfill issues seem a long way from our cosy lives at home, so in the spirit of demonstrating the WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) part of recycling, here are 5 ways good recycling practice could actually make you money.

  1. Recycle gadgets for cash: You may already be aware of mobile phone recycling schemes where you can earn cash for old mobiles, even if they aren’t working, but did you know you can do the same with many other gadgets too? Old MP3 players, cameras, laptops, Sat Navs and other devices all contain valuable metals and components, so even if they don’t work there is usually someone willing to give you good money for all those electronic devices lurking in your drawers.


  1. Sell your items online: Online auctions, social network groups, classified sites and specialist forums all offer excellent and convenient ways to banish your burdens and exchange them for handy cash. Everything from furniture to old clothes and DVDs can be of value to other people, so get it photographed and see if you can make some money online.


  1. Go to a car boot sale: If the whole idea of selling online does not appeal to you, a car boot sale can be a great, fun way to get rid of some unwanted goods. Local car boots are happening around the country most weekends in the summer and can cost as little as £5 for a pitch for the day, so fill up your vehicle and see if you can turn junk into money.


  1. Recycle your clothes for cash: There are numerous companies now offering clothing recycling services, many of whom will pick up bags of clothes from your doorstep. These clothing recycling schemes can involve simply weighing in bags of clothes and receiving payment based on the weight, or some allow you to itemise high quality, branded clothes and get a valuation on each individual garment.


Recycle books through specialist sellers: Sites such as Amazon and GreenMetropolis offer ways to sell used books online via their powerful virtual bookshops. You have the option to take any money you make and have it paid into your bank account after the sale, or you can use it as store credit against any new purchases you might like to make.

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