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Green Weddings: The Latest Trend Taking Over Modern Weddings

Green weddings are all the rage these days. The blissful day is not just an opportunity to show you love for your partner but for the Mother Nature too. Why not lend Mother Nature a helping hand in saving the environment by planning an eco-friendly wedding in London. An earth-friendly wedding won’t cost you the earth. And who says that green weddings cannot be glamorous. With some prior planning, you can plan an eco-friendly green wedding in London that’s downright stylish.

From fashion to floral to favours, there are plenty of eco-friendly wedding ideas. Here are some ideas to plan a wedding that Mother Nature will shower her blessings upon.

Wedding Venue

Before you fall in love with a London venue, consider its location. It may seem tempting to host your wedding at an isolated green space as it will complement your theme but if your guests will have to travel a long way, the idea is not green. Once you have chosen a central location, look for wedding venues London that speak to you. An outdoor venue is highly preferable as you can rely on nature for decoration. Decorations often get wasted after the wedding festivities are over.

Wonders of Wood

Wood is a wonderful natural resource which if used thoughtfully can add a certain magic to your big day while keeping it green at the same time. You can light up the surrounding with rustic wooden lanterns giving an earthly ambience. It can also be utilised to suggest directions. Besides, if the weather is cold, you can keep the night warm with bonfire.

Wedding Wheels

How about a green limo? That might not yet be a reality but there are plenty of eco-friendly wedding transportation options. Turn your back to gas-gulping lavish cars. Instead, be creative with your wedding wheels. Let your partner steer you away on a tandem bicycle. If you want to inject that fairy tale magic to your big day, consider choosing a horse-drawn carriage. If you are getting married in London near Thames, why not wave off in style on a canoe. Your exit will be grand and fun if your wedding transportation is off the beaten path.

Fabulous Favours

Potted plants make great wedding favours that guests will cherish for years. You can use these plants as centrepieces and later guests can take them home at the end of the night. But don’t forget to add a personal touch. Use tags, personal messages, and fabric to decorate the pot. Organic chocolates are also quite favoured as eco-friendly wedding favours. Another alluring option that Mother Nature will appreciate is to give soy candles or stalks of lucky bamboo.


It’s a tough row to hoe clearing confetti after the ceremony. Why not go for a more ecological option. One great way is to dry flower petals and shower them on the newlyweds. Or throwing bird seeds onto the couple is another great option. This won’t spoil the surrounding and welcome birds back to their locale.

Incorporate these ideas and tips to plan a green wedding that is not harsh on the environment.


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