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Are you a UK homeowner and looking to save a small fortune on the cost of lighting up your home? Well if your home has spotlights and down light fixtures and fittings then you are certain to save big just by switching these bulbs over to the equivalent GU10 LED bulb for the room height and light.

LED lighting is a great way to save money as LED lights can use as little as 1/5 of the energy of incandescent lights and provide much nicer light. Not only do you get better light quality and energy savings but you will also be doing your bit to save the planet by cutting your energy use by 80%.

GU10 energy saving replacement bulbsLighting accounts for up to 50% of energy use in homes so making the investment to upgrade to solid state lighting is something that will more than pay for itself in the long run. Many people can be put off by the price of LED lights. While it is true that LED lights can cost up to four times more than an equivalent Halogen, the increased lifespan coupled with the energy you save means you still save money and get to do your bit to help the environment.

If you’re worried that upgrading could be difficult then fear not because there are a range of solutions out there ranging from completely new lights to retrofit bulbs. Retro-fitting is probably the simplest solution as all you have to do is swap over bulbs and your existing lighting fittings will be transformed into an energy efficient technology.

GU10 bulbs are the most common LED bulbs due to their form factor. Being the same fitting as an MR16 Halogen, this is probably the most widely recognised fitting and as a result GU10 LEDs are some of the most popular. However GU10s aren’t the only form factor to consider. There are also tube lights and even LED strips so whatever application you have in mind, you’re sure to find LEDs a great way to illuminate your life.

If you want to check out the range of LEDs available online then the Light Rabbit LED lighting website is a great place to look. Being one of the leading UK retailers they offer a great range of bulbs in all the fittings you could hope for. As well as having info on which light fitting you will need they also have all the accessories and extras you’ll need such as dimmer switches, and drivers. They also have a great FAQ section here if you’re still hungry for info.

So don’t live in the dark ages – check out the range of LED lighting solutions available and start doing your bit today.

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