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Top 5 UK Car Insurance Discounts You May Not Be Using

The budgets of many United Kingdom drivers are stretched thin today, so there is a common need to reduce expenses wherever possible. One of your many items in your budget is your car insurance premium, and you may think that there isn’t much that you can do to reduce this expense. However, there are a number of UK car insurance discounts that drivers can put to use to save money, and you may not be using all of the discounts available to you. Consider reviewing your policy today to learn if these discounts are being applied to your premium for regular savings. Some insurers also give you the option to pay either upfront or in monthly installments which makes buying low cost car insurance much more affordable.

1. Online Application Discount
The best insurers offer an online discount of up to 20% if you simply apply for your cover online. You don’t have to do anything else to qualify, and this savings can really add up over the months as you pay your premium. If your current policy does not make use of this beneficial discount, consider applying for new cover online to enjoy the savings.

2. Safe Driver Discount
This discount is applied by insurers in different ways. Some offer a true discount off of your premium, and others offer a discounted rate simply because of your safe driver status. The best insurers offer both options for drastic, combined results. To qualify, you may need to be a safe driver or improve your current driving history. You will also need to purchase your policy from an insurer that rewards safe driving.

3. Multiple Policies Discount
Some insurers offer a substantial discount to those drivers who purchase and maintain multiple policies with them. This may be a home and car policy, a car and motorcycle policy or any other combination of policies. You may enjoy the discount on one or multiple policies for great savings.

4. Multiple Drivers Discount
If you are married or have a teenage driver, you may consider the financial benefit associated with insuring both drivers on the same policy. You will enjoy the ability to make one premium payment rather than two, and you may enjoy the added benefit of a discount on your policy.

5. Discounts on Optional Cover
If you are one of the many drivers who take advantage of the benefits of optional extras on your policy, you may consider working with an insurer that offers you discounted rates on cover like car hire, breakdown and other types of cover.

UK car insurance can be expensive, but you can reduce the cost of your premium drastically when you take advantage of different discounts. Take time to learn more about the discounts available to you, and either revise or purchase a policy to fully take advantage of all of the discounts that you qualify for.

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