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Discover How to Update Your Bathroom in an Instant

It’s not always possible to give the bathroom a full renovation makeover but that doesn’t mean you can’t update it until demolition day comes around. With a few simple changes your bathroom can be given a lift instantly. Try the following design options to create a fresh new look you can enjoy every day.

Replace Bathroom Accessories

A quick and easy way to add a new look and feel to your bathroom is with eco-friendly bathroom accessories. Bathroom sets that include soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and even matching toilet roll holders can be found in all manner of designs, from modern basic shapes through to bold patterned offerings. Choose accessories that add to the overall look and feel you’re hoping to achieve.

Towers of Towels

By replacing accessories such as towels, bath mats, hand towels and soaps the bathroom will feel instantly new again. Why not be brave and select a eco friendly accessories to really make a statement. Although, eco-friendly accessories are expensive, but its worth considering. Alternatively eco-friendly accessories also comes in various shades, choose a colour that blends in with the rest of the design elements to create a minimalist feel that has that modern edge. Storing towers of extra towels on open shelving adds instant appeal and a touch of luxury.

Time for New Faucets

Although replacing your bathroom faucets can take a little more effort than changing out the towels for example, it’s well and truly worth the effort. New taps, shower-head and bath spout can transform a well-worn bathroom design into a striking modern look overnight.
Choosing new faucets is easy to do online too and that’s also where you’re likely to discover some of the best deals around. Many online bathroom supplies stores have physical stores you can visit as well, offering the best of both worlds. Make the most of it by utilising their free advice and taking advantage of their super cheap deals all at the same time.

Bright Splashes

Another interesting way to instantly update your bathroom is by adding a splash of colour on one wall. A feature wall of bold colour adds a sense of fun, creativity and liveliness to the space. Consider adding funky, sophisticated or striking wallpaper as an alternative to a splash of paint. Be sure that whatever you choose, the materials used must be suitable for steamy wet areas.

Floor Features

Finally, have you thought about adding a floor rug to your bathroom? More and more these days furnishings that have been traditionally reserved for living rooms are making their way into modern bathroom designs. If your bathroom is stark white think about adding a black and white rug for impact. Colourful rugs add interest and more neutral tones add a sense of sophisticated luxury.
Even if your bathroom needs an entire renovation rescue there is no reason why you can’t give it a little lift now before the big makeover event finally takes place. By adding a splash of colour, new faucets or some plush towels, your bathroom will have an instant lift that you can enjoy every day, and that’s what makes it worth doing.


Author Bio:
Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for AQVA Bathroom, the on-line store for designer bathroom wares. You can interact with Tauseef Hussain on twitter @usef4u

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