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Getting Into Shape Without the Strain

Electric bikes make cycling to fitness manageable and easy in an eco friendly way.

When lining up New Years resolutions, commitments for the summer and ways to reach your fitness goals, cycling is very often seen as a catch-all, immediate fix. ‘I’ll just get a bike and cycle to work,’ generally goes the rationalisation, ‘and soon I’ll be a slim racing snake.’ Getting into shape, however after a long hiatus from regular exercise requires a formidable amount of willpower, and those of us without natural athleticism find it a slog.

All too often it is the same old story of a few weeks, maybe a month or two, of regular use, before the ‘cycle to work everyday’ project is written off for a variety of reasons – Taking a pasting from steep climbs, struggling to keep pace with traffic, and arriving at ones destination sweaty, tired & ill prepared for a challenging day.

E-bike specialists hear the calls of ‘cheating’ often enough, but what other purists might call cheating we call ‘useful.’ An electric bike will make losing weight through regular cycling a realistic, viable and almost effortless proposition, all whilst playing a role in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases associated with many other forms of transport. The ease of getting around locally, and the additional power to conquer hills, means that refreshing exercise often becomes more convenient than taking the car.

What an electric bike offers is simple – Cycling, but with as much or as little extra energy from the motor as you require to make daily trips comfortably doable. There is nothing worse than the feeling of defeat that comes from having to push a bike up a hill! An electric bike means that hills can either be overcome easily or provide as much challenge as you are capable of, but never become a barrier to progress.

The best thing is that over time, you will build up more ability to cycle and be more confident with or without any power assistance. This is not just for people who consider themselves in need of exercise – Anyone and everyone can benefit from the additional exercise. It is especially rewarding given how sedentary desk work is commonplace.

Have fun!


Author Bio:

Jonathon Monk is an enthusiastic cyclist and works for Cycling Made Easy. Cycling Made Easy are the regional stockists for SCOTT and can give advice and guidance plus accompanied test rides to make sure that customers feel comfortable and can experience E-Bikes first-hand before looking to buy.

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