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Balanced Flue Gas Fires – Safe, beautiful fireplaces for any home

Barbas offers a range of beautifully designed fireplaces that combine the strengths of aesthetic design and functionality to give you a warmer home environment. Both Barbas gas fires and wood fires are available built-in or as inserts and the Dutch company also manufacture stoves to make the kitchen the heart and soul of the home.

Wood Fires

Wood fires offer something for everyone, from the more space-conscious to vibrant design and the latest in technology. For those who want to replace an old model with something newer and more modern the Unilux range provides a shallower depth of installation which is ideal for older constructions. For those with a fine appreciation for glass surfaces the Universal-5 line is available in six different models that showcase the best in open flames.

Barbas Stoves

If you love the classic wood-burning stove, you can still have one in your home, with better economy. If you want the perfect balance between contemporary and classic you can have a wood-burning oven with convection capabilities.

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

The Vento range comes with remote control for your convenience, providing the perfect complement to any home. You also have the choice of three different frame designs to create a contrast or perfect match, according to what you need.

Take a look at the stunning range of balanced flue gas fires available at or their showroom – London’s leading supplier of Barbas gas fires.

If it’s a replacement that you need then you will find a solution in the Unica line of products. The Unica fireplaces also come with remote control option and can be fitted into virtually any space you need to fill. A fan also means you get the maximum from the heat that you generate.

If you want to be more energy efficient and do more with less there are a number of models that have been finished to the highest combustion and emission standards.

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