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May 28

Infographic: Energy Star Certified Homes are Green out of the Box

Everyone knows that Energy Star products use less energy than those that don’t carry the label. While they may cost a little more they will reduce energy usage bringing savings on future bills. However, most people do not know that new homes can also be granted an Energy Star label. To qualify, homes must demonstrate an estimated energy savings of at least 15% over the standard for new homes. In the infographic below from Ryan Homes Energy we see what a home that manages 30% savings can return annually.

Seeing as how most people buying a newly built home will plan on living there for a long period of time, it would make sense, both environmentally and financially, to choose a home that will cost less to operate. Much like miles per gallon with a new car, energy efficiency in a home is an important purchasing factor. For the rest of us living in older homes, it’s still a good idea to improve energy efficiency whenever possible, perhaps even more so, as older construction methods are generally less energy friendly. One of the easiest ways to do this is by purchasing and installing Energy Star certified electronics, appliances and materials.

energy savings infographic - energy star certified homes

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