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How HP Got Its Green Back, and is Staying at the Forefront of Sustainability

how HP got its green backHP is one of the biggest companies in the world and, being in such a position, has a serious reputation to maintain. Without their brand power and reputation, they have nothing. It is fine being a company with great products, but without the love of the general population and popularity there is no chance of posting profits. HP knows this and is continually trying to keep at the forefront of innovation, creativity and sustainability.

Sustainability, in 2013, is as important as it ever has been. As a concept, there is no way of getting away from it. You can no longer be a company which just wants to post profits into the billions without doing something for the environment; it’s a different world we live in.

Here’s what HP’s Kees Verton said:

“We are keen to provide recycling options for our customers in the Middle East to address sustainability issues and cater their needs. HP offers unique solutions for recycling that reaffirms our commitment to customer success.”

Verton’s comments should resonate just how important HP’s image regarding the environment is. As a company, they are doing as much as they can to keep as a leader in sustainability and eco-conscious trading.

The company is already running a successful HP Planet Partners recycling programme which allows customers to recycle used HP printer cartridges. The programme is free and is currently in 34 countries worldwide, which just goes to show how big and mighty HP is.

HP’s ambitions reach even further, however; thanks to their love of recycling and eco-conscious planning. By the end of 2015, HP hopes to recycle an unbelievable 3.5 billion pounds of electronic products. Let’s hope they can do it because that would be one huge step forward in the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint.

You have to say fair play to HP for this strong morale high-ground when it comes to recycling and trying to do as much as they can. After all, they are only in business to make money, but at least they recognise that there are lots of things they can do which will not only benefit the planet but their reputation, too.

That’s what it’s all about, at the end of the day. They can have all the profits in the world, but if they suddenly lose their positive brand image it could all be over in a few months. HP’s love of sustainability is admirable, but they also know that it is now an essential part of business in 2013.

If HP continues, it should force all the other big firms, whose turnovers are into the billions, to follow suit. That is what we have to hope for because, after all is said and done, those companies have the most influence and power to force change. If a conglomerate doesn’t make the change, who will?

For now though, we can only praise HP for its continued success and innovation within the sustainability sector – long may it continue.

Pete Jefferson is a writer and environmental activist, who’s currently scribing for PrinterInks; where you can buy ink cartridges from HP.

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