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How To Live Green To Protect Yourself And The Planet Earth

There is nothing you can compare with our planet Earth in terms of importance or anything. If you don’t have a couch, you have a home, if not a home then you have a hotel, if not that you have the streets or grounds or even the sea, and if not even that you have nothing! It is no secret that various human activities are endangering our precious, greater home and although the effects are not immediately visible they are showing their actions day by day. By opting to live green you will be carrying out your normal tasks and procedures but in a way that does not harm the planet and make it a safe and liveable place for next generations as it is for you.

Make Your Own Detergents

Natural elements are wonders of the Earth and they should be used for all purposes rather then purchasing store bought items with added chemicals with harmful emissions for the Earth. No matter how quickly or thoroughly they kill germs they are simple a no plus expensive. Any floor can be wiped to remove stains by using four tablespoons of baking soda combined with a quart of water. Clogs can easily be opened by adding half a cup of baking soda, cup of vinegar, half lemon all mixed in a gallon of boiling water. These are just two expensive examples; you can easily make your cleaners for just about anything.

Save Energy

We may have unlimited amounts of available electricity and in this modern world almost everything relies on electricity to run from automated tea makers to digital photo frames and electronic cigarettes. If you want to live green you must cut down the source of electrical appliances, it takes as much time and is as easy to boil water on the stove then in an electric kettle. Though we have the convenience of bright light bulbs and grand chandeliers, energy saver bulbs can work just as well and are easy available, fluorescent light bulbs can save up to 30% on your energy bill, while the beauty of candle lights is always lasting. All unnecessary lights must always be turned off.

Save on Fuel

Fuel uses up a lot of the Earth’s natural resources and is very pollutant even in cars with latest technologies. It’s best to walk to short distances while nothing is better then cycling for longer ones; both activities also increase your health along with doing a favour to the Earth. If travelling by car is necessary then try your best to carpool, put up notices in office or school for willingness to carpool and leave behind your contact number! Tires should always be properly inflated while oil and air filters should be regularly changed means a healthy car and a healthy fuel mileage, further to burn less fuel drive slow and steady and effectively live green.

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