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Top Tips for a Greener, Happier Life

Green is definitely the ‘on-trend’ way to live at the moment and if you want to live a greener, happier life it could be time to consider some of our top tips. Greener living can lessen the weight on your social conscience and also help reduce your personal impact on the environment.

tips for a greener, happier life

Here are some of our most helpful tips towards that happier, greener lifestyle.

Diet Matters

Did you know that food is responsible for a huge volume of yearly emissions? This is especially true if you eat a lot of meat – producing just one calorie of meat takes a lot more land and energy than one calorie of fruit or vegetables. Experts recommend going vegan three days a week to reduce these emissions. Even switching to a vegetarian diet for a few days could help. Also consider locally produced alternatives as this cuts down on food miles too.

Stop Guzzling Gas

If you have a gas connection in your home this is likely to have the largest impact on your carbon footprint. You need to minimise the amount you use and this can mean making some significant changes such as installing double glazing, getting an energy efficient boiler, heating fewer rooms or lowering the temperatures on your thermostat. These are all small changes which could make a big difference.

Save Water

The water you use in the home has been treated and then pushed through piping to your home – in energy terms it isn’t remotely efficient. 8% of Britain’s entire carbon footprint is down to sewage treatment, much of it on water, and experts recommend you have a water meter installed. You can then measure how much you use and cut down on baths and showers. Other tips include only set the washing machine on when it’s completely full and putting a brick in your cistern.

Gadget Cold Turkey

Every household seems to be packed out wither gadgets and surprisingly these are all a further hidden source of carbon emissions. The miles involved in transporting all your expensive gadgets are vast and the simple rule is to buy less, keep it longer and then ensure it is properly recycled. You could go a step further and sell mobile phone devices and other gadgets which simply aren’t necessary for daily life. Many companies will recycle your old phones too.

Use an Energy Monitor

A home energy monitor can completely change your outlook on how much energy you use. Most energy monitors track electricity use in your home and therefore you’ll soon find yourself switching off light switches and devices that aren’t in use. Not only can it save you money but it can also have a positive impact on the environment and your carbon footprint.

Being environmentally conscious is something everybody should consider as there are risks to the future if we aren’t more sensible to day. These are just some small ways you could change your lifestyle and potentially help change the world as a whole.

Adrian Pilkington is an ecologist and waste management consultant from Glasgow. He is a keen advocate of recycling and recommends you sell mobile phone devices and all old gadgets to be recycled.

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