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Crosskix: New Hybrid Footwear

Crosskix is new and innovative sneaker brand that is revolutionizing casual and athletic footwear and has a genuine and meaningful impact on the world. Crosskix can be used for leisure and exercise as well as in and out of the water. The shoes are 100% recyclable and the brand donates all returned shoes to children and families in need around the world. Crosskix launched a Kickstarter campaign that ended on May 7, 2013 and raised nearly $100,000. They currently pre-sell their shoes on Indiegogo until July 3, 2013 to raise more money for additional sizes.

Crosskix shoes only weigh 7.5 oz, making them very lightweight and comfortable for multiple uses including leisure, exercise as well as work. These shoes absorb impact when running, jumping or during high-impact type workouts. They are especially comfortable when worn for long periods of walking or standing and even in and out of the water. These shoes have special air and water drain holes, keeping feet cool and dry and allowing water to enter the shoes and drain easily without having to take them off. This makes these ideal shoes for walking on the beach, at the pool or washing your car.

These shoes are made of soft composite foam that is 100% recyclable. As part of their RECY-KIX program, they repair and donate all returned shoes to children and families in need around the world as well as offers customers a 15% discount on their next pair. This is the new hybrid footwear.


About Crosskix

Crosskix is an innovative new company based in Portland, Oregon that is revolutionizing casual and athletic footwear for men, women and children in the EVA footwear category. EVA is a soft foam composite material that, until now, only has two brands that dominate this category. This is a superior alternative to what is in the market today by offering shoes that are stylish, functional, light and comfortable. For more information about Crosskix, please visit

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