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Product Review: Koteli Reusable Foldable Shopping Bag

I’m a fan of reusable bags. They are convenient and dramatically reduce waste. I was interested in reviewing reusable bags and the eco-friendly company Koteli has given me the chance. Koteli sent me one of their reusable bags for me to review.

Koteli Inc. is a Massachusetts based company dedicated to the production of reusable/recyclable all-purpose bags. The idea to create Koteli Inc. came as a result of the passion of its co-founders for marine life as avid recreational divers and the realization that to make a difference they needed to have a more active participation to promote marine life preservation.

I received from Koteli the orange shopping bag. Among the other colors are blue, black, light blue and purple. Their bags are perfect for trips of any kind, picnics and shopping. These bags have the best traits of paper and plastic bags. I really like that these bags are very durable and can hold sharp objects as well as heavy objects. I’ve used my bag as a tote bag for carrying bottles and food. I would recommend Koteli reusable bags to everyone.

The Koteli bag is made of 100% rip-stop PU coated Nylon, stronger and more durable than Polyester. It can hold up to 60 pounds of anything from groceries to laundry. The polyurethane (PU) coating plays a crucial role in preserving the natural resources of our planet ensuring that the lifetime of our products is extended well beyond what would be achieved without the coating. Polyurethane coating is food safe and gives a wide variety of properties including the ability to be water-resistant, stain-resistant and bacteria and mildew resistant. Koteli bag is 100% certified lead free.

Koteli produces one product – a colorful, durable, reusable bag that offers an alternative to single-use plastic bags. it becomes a 5″x5″ square that fits in the palm of the hand! In case you spill food from the farmer’s market or co-op on the bag, it’s machine-washable. A simple, easy, inexpensive way to upgrade from the use of hundreds of plastic bags and do it in style! Due to the fact that a large portion of plastic bag waste ends up in our oceans, confusing sea turtles who think the bags are floating jellyfish, Koteli has decided that 10 percent of their online sales will be donated to SEE Turtles and their “Campaign to Save a Billion Baby Turtles,” both projects of The Ocean Foundation.

Give the Koteli reusable foldable shopping bags a try. Use It, Reuse It, Gift It. For more information, please follow our campaign on twitter or Facebook.

Clay Miller
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