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National Plants at Work Week 8th – 12th July

The second week of July will be National Plants at Work Week.  A week in which to consider why it is important to have plants at your place of work.

The reasons are well researched and documented as important for our health and wellbeing and our motivation.  You can follow National Plants at Work Week on Facebook where you’ll learn many tips about the good reasons to have plants in your workplace.  These reasons include:


  • Keeping the air clean for you
  • Releasing oxygen into the air
  • Making you feel good
  • Reducing the number of days you need to take off sick
  • Keeping you calm and anxiety free
  • They help us to concentrate and encourage our creativity
  • They make us more productive by as much as 32%
  • Plants absorb noise especially where the rooms or areas have hard surfaces
  • And of course because we all need to ‘connect’ with nature, it’s part of our make-up


Join in the discussion on Twitter during the week 8th – 12th July at #plantsatworkweek.

Look out for houseplants tagged ‘Take me to work’ in the UK during this week.

National Plants at Work Week is an initiative of eFIG Ltd (European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups) representing the interior landscaping industry in the UK.

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