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Are Environmentally Friendly Cooling Options Available For My AC Unit?

These days, more and more people are looking into getting eco-friendly air conditioner units to install in their homes, and desire alternative ways to use less energy and reduce their greenhouse gas contribution. The AC unit is one appliance that uses the most energy. Because of this, it is important that you find an effective, eco-friendly unit for your home.

One of the biggest greenhouse gas and pollution contributors is HVAC systems, and they use seriously high levels of fossil fuels and electricity. You should be able to see the strain that our HVAC units are placing on our electricity demands and energy resources. In addition, up to 69 percent of our natural gas use in the US is through central heating. Fortunately, however, there are many new energy efficient, innovative, and eco-friendly options out there in HVAC systems for the consumer to use so they can save our natural resources and minimize their energy bill.

Statistics Show:

Around 90% of the energy used in American homes, is in fact, used to operate appliances in the household like AC and heating systems. AC systems use up the most energy of all appliances, and account for 16% of the energy used in the residence. The consumption and production of energy increases concentrations of CO2 in the environment, and contributes to global warming, the greenhouse effect, and climate change. Typically, the AC unit discharges 2.263 lbs. of CO2 yearly.

3 Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Choices

DeLonghi PAC A120E

This system’s manufacturers wanted to make certain this unit was eco-friendly. It has a control panel on it that enables consumers to program times. You can view temperature settings easily on the LCD display. It has electronic controls and 4 fan speed settings. There is a smart mode and sleep mode on it, which helps it save money and was made with air filters that were built in, which is ideal for mildew and mold removal. A window bracket and exhaust hose are also included.

Friedrich Air Conditioners

The company who made this unit has a mission to stay green, and therefore made it a point to use 410 refrigerants, a non o-zone depleting substance, in their new products. It goes a long way to be an eco-friendly company today and shows the type of standards you hold. Just about every person on Earth is concerned with environmental problems today. The materials used and the production process are all carefully selected with these problems in mind.

Goodman Air Conditioners

These units are made for people who enjoy extreme comfort, environmentally friendly performance and quiet operation. This makes the company really stand out from other companies worldwide.

Energy Star Label and High SEER

Another important thing to take into consideration is the SEER rating of your AC system. AC units that have these ratings and certifications use up to 50 percent less than standard AC systems. By going with this type of system, you can save money on your energy bills since it decreases energy consumption. Eco-friendly systems will also include a thermostat and timer that can assist you in controlling unit temperatures.

Author Bio:

Liam Reed consults with cooling services on the need for Environment friendly and green effect energy saving issues. Liam lives in Baton Rouge from where he blogs regularly.

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