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How Little Maintenance Could Reduce the Need of Replacing Spa Filters

Many people know that their spas play a great role in the lives of many people. But many people most often forget to replace their spa filters. If this is not done on time, the costs could add up. Spa filters offer a lot of protection and it’s important to think about this important role which the filter plays such as cleaning the water of dirt, algae, hair, oil, bugs, dead skin and many more.

Regular cleaning does not only help you save money, but also ensures that the experience which you get from your spa is not only enjoyable, but also relaxing. Here are a few ideas that could assist you keep your spa clean.

Make sure that the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to relieve pressure from the housing of the filter are followed before commencing to do any type of performance.

Read instructions that have been provided before you start removing the spas filter.

Whenever you are using a garden hose that have a nozzle that allows for straight flow, it must be held at a 45 degree angle. It is imperative that you start from top downwards as you pay attention towards getting between the pleats that are inside the filter.

Rinse the spa filter until when all the dirt has been removed. It will take you several rounds, but it will be worth all the effort you apply.

Soak the filter if it’s coated with calcium carbonate, algae and other minerals. You can also opt to use one of the many filter sanitation solutions if you need to do a thorough cleaning. You will need to put the cleaning solution in a bucket that’s just enough for it to cover the filter and leave it soaking overnight so as to guarantee easier maintenance. But for those who need a quick solution and in a hurry, there are spray based solutions that can guarantee a great experience. Just spray the spa, allow it to remain for some time and rinse it downwards.

It also helps if the filter which you use is one that’s environmentally friendly. Eco Pur spa filter is one of the many choices that are available in the market which can be cleaned with ease and which minimizes the amount of pollution which occurs in the environment. With it, you can be sure that you will be doing a great service to the environment while also making sure that you get excellent service. This way, you can enjoy great relaxation from the comfort of your backyard.

You will appreciate the fact that frequent service on your master spa filter is very important because if you don’t do this, you may end up spending a lot of money on getting it back to its original condition. Also, you will enjoy a high level of comfort and convenience when you make cleaning your spa a regular routine.

By taking into account the above precautionary measures, you will be able to extend the lifespan of your spa filters while also ensuring that you get high quality service. These precautions are simple and can be taken into account by anyone!


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