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Product Review: The Green Cycler

I’d heard of kitchen pre-composters before, but I’d never used one. That was before The Green Cycler Team sent me a Green Cycler to try out and review. The concept is one to make pre-composting fun. You use a hand crank to shred food from your kitchen to speed up the process from kitchen to your compost bin. As someone who has a compost bin this could come in very handy.

From the Green Cycler website:
Recycling Nature’s Way:

♦ According to the U.S. EPA, composting is one of the most vital strategies for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

♦ This year, 97% of organic waste will be sent to landfills. If everyone in your neighborhood composted, the environmental impact would be equivalent to taking one-in-five cars off the road.

♦ Green Cycler was designed to simply but significantly impact the worldwide landfill, water-quality and climate change crises.


So what exactly is pre-composting? Pre-composting is the process of shredding food scraps to the ideal size for composting. Pre-composting helps to increase the amount of waste you can store and jump-starts the composting process.

The Green Cycler from Ecotonix is the ultimate food scrap shredder and recycling system. It is a great idea for those who compost and those you would like to start composting. It sits on your kitchen counter and with a handy crank you easily shred food scraps which then fall into a portable scrap drawer. This drawer can hold up to 8 pounds.

You’d think there would be a smell, but every Green Cycler is equipped with a Zeo Filter. The Zeo Filter fits inside the machine and is an odor magnet. It is recyclable for years and is made in the U.S.A.

I’ve used my Green Cycler for a couple of months now and I’m a big fan. I can take my compostable food scraps and start them on the process of being great compost in no time. Much faster and easier than anything else I’ve ever tried to do with composting. I usually fill up the machine with a couple of pounds of food scraps over three days and then dump it in my compost bin. I can shred citrus peels, banana peels, unused lettuce and all kinds of other things like that. The Green Cycler is a product made in America which is a great asset in the green process of composting. I highly recommend it for those who compost and those who do not.


As the ads say: “Make compost 10 times faster”. Fast. Natural. Chemical Free.

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