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Why Portable Machine Tools are Better for the Environment

In this day and age, the emphasis on any technology or innovative machinery is about the quality of function, efficiency and reduced impact. Any responsible company, no matter what their field, has to take these factors into consideration when carrying out their operations. This should be achieved primarily through the weight of corporate responsibility but should also be backed up by law.

For companies and industries that rely on heavy machinery, this is obviously going to be more of a task than companies that involve smaller scale production values. However, the principles remain the same.

This means that in the fields of construction, oil and gas, power generation and other heavy industry, great attention must be paid to limiting the environmental impact – which is where portable machine tools come into the equation. If a heavy industrial firm is looking to carry out essential maintenance or emergency repairs quickly and with the minimum of operational downtime, portable machine tools provide a solution.

Portable machine tools allow firms to carry out on-site machining thus removing the need to send equipment back to a workshop for repair or maintenance. This allows them to get the job done quicker and reduces the environmental impact by reducing the need to ship heavy machinery around the world.

The beauty of portable machine tools such as a belt sander is in the very fact that they are portable. They can be transported from job to job and reused for a range of applications, with modifications enabling a greater flexibility of use. Firms that choose to rent portable machine tools also benefit from having access to equipment located around the world rather than having kit in a storage warehouse which could be halfway around the world from where it is needed at any given time.

Companies that specialise in portable machine tools recognise the need for greater flexibility and temporary machinery, aiming to fill the gap in the market. By increasing the options available to many heavy industries they have improved efficiency, cut time scales and reduced waste. It’s hard to argue that this doesn’t fall exactly in-line with the principles of good business and environmental working methods.

It also enables these portable specialists to continue to innovate products that allow for greater flexibility and increased efficiency in the future. Products like flange facing machines, hot tapping, drilling and boring tools have been incrementally improved over time with advances being made that reduce noise levels and power usage while still maintaining high operational efficiency.

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