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Kitchen Improvement Project – Things You Need To Get A Green Kitchen With Eco-Friendly Appliances

As stated by the US Department of Energy Statistics, kitchen equipment and lighting consume around 40% or more of a home’s total power usage. When you add other basic kitchen appliances like air conditioners and heaters, lessening the energy usage and cost and enhancing its efficiency and conservation must be well prioritized.

In every kitchen improvement task, you are presented with several choices and opportunities to enhance your kitchen’s performance, the eco-friendly way. You can extend the scope to include environmental perks, energy efficiency and health considerations to be able to offer maximum comfort, savings, safety, and of course peace of mind.

Listed below are some of the usual checklist that should be included when constructing a green kitchen:

Use earth friendly flooring materials like eucalyptus, cork, and bamboo. These kinds of forests grow and mature faster than hardwoods.

Try to improve more your wall insulation by blowing fibrous insulation materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, roof cavities, etc. This will boost the density of the wall insulation and prevents leakage that may cause condensation.

Stained concrete using non toxic and natural pigments for countertops are highly recommended.

Pick energy star qualified doors, windows, and lights to get optimum natural lighting.

Paints with low volatile organic compounds should always be used.

And install energy efficient and eco friendly kitchen appliances.


Earth Friendly Kitchen Appliances

When planning to get an electrical item for your kitchen, it may come with two costs. One is an upfront charge and the other is a running cost. Thus, aside from searching for a value for money item, you should check if it is energy efficient and is safe for you, your loved ones, and the environment. New kitchen appliances cook faster and lessen the chore of cooking, with the perfect combination of help from them, you may spend less time cooking and allot more time doing more important things.

Regardless of how much is your budget for kitchen improvement, here is a priority list of kitchen appliances to be purchased to equip your eco friendly kitchen. First, check your needs of the equipment that has to work round the clock. Refrigerator is of course on top of the list. There are several modern integrated fridge freezers with high quality features and are designed to be eco friendly. Next on the list are stove, blender, toaster, oven, etc. Last on your list are those that suit your lifestyle like waffle and coffee makers.

Careful planning is necessary when doing kitchen renovation. Do online research to know more about the latest features of various kitchen appliances and where to get them affordable.


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