Sustainable Weddings

If you will be getting married in the near future and are looking for a few ways to make your special day more sustainable, there are a variety of resources and options you can turn to. You can go all-out on your special day and celebrate in a traditional and elaborate fashion while still implementing green practices. Below are several ideas you can consider to make your wedding more environmentally friendly.


Flowers And Centerpieces

There are many ways you can implement sustainable practices when it comes to flowers. Some of the most effective include:

Buy organic locally grown flowers: By decorating with organic, locally grown flowers, you reduce the amount of fuel emissions from transporting flowers from out of state, or out of the country. Buying organic flowers also supports farmers who practice sustainable farming. However, this may limit your selection.

Use potted plants as centerpieces: By using potted plants as your centerpieces, you will extend the life of your beautiful flowers, and your guests can take the centerpieces home with them as a parting gift.

Use silk flowers: Silk and other artificial flowers can be reused time and time again, allowing you to pass them on to other couples, or to use them for other purposes after the wedding.

Use non-traditional items: If you enjoy the unique and unexpected, consider having your flower arrangements made from something untraditional. This could be anything from handcrafted flowers made from recycled newspapers to vintage music sheets. You could also create arrangements using fresh fruits and vegetables.



Just as with flowers, plan your menu items around in-season and locally grown organic foods. For beverages, look for ways to order in bulk, such as by purchasing a keg of beer instead of small bottles. If possible, use real dining wear and linens instead of plastic and paper products. If you must opt for paper or plastic utensils, select recycled and or biodegradable options. Ensure that your catering staff has made arrangements to donate leftover food to a nearby charity, or stock the kitchen with reusable containers and give the remaining food to your guests to take home.


Invitations And Paper Products

When it comes to your wedding invitations and any paper products used for decorations, opt for selections made from recyclable and or biodegradable materials. Generally, wedding decorations are thrown out after the wedding. Instead of tossing your decorations, have your cleanup team salvage what they can and donate them to another bride, or use them for future parties and events. A popular trend for reducing waste created by often unused or forgotten party favors is to make a donation on behalf of your guests; be sure to communicate the donation on small decorative slips of paper left at each guest’s table setting.

Creating a sustainable wedding doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the details and decorations, it just requires making more sustainable choices. With the popularity of hosting sustainable weddings on the rise, more wedding products are being created to accommodate greener living.


This article was provided by Charity Bailey, Environmental Studies major and creative novice party planner. If you’re looking for gifts or party favors as unique as a sustainable wedding, Charity recommends checking out Custombobbleheads.

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