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Home Energy Savings Tips That May Shock You

In the last few years, everyone has been obsessed with “going green”. This obsession has lead to people making sure that they are following the basic guidelines of saving energy. These tips sure do save a lot of energy, but there are even many more ways you can be doing this. I am not talking about shutting off lights and appliances when you are done with them. I am actually going to take a leap of faith here and mention that at least one of these tips you have never heard of before.

Take Control of your Furnace

One of the biggest energy suckers in your home is your furnace, I’m sure you were already aware of this. What you are most likely not aware of are these simple tips on how to ensure your furnace is performing by using the least amount of energy possible.

It is important to ensure you furnace is clean and properly lubricated. Keep up with your annual maintenance to make sure everything is running at  full capacity. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest member! You should replace your filter every one to two months, or at least clean it up nicely. Did you know that dirty filters reduce airflow? When there is less airflow, your furnace has no choice but to run longer to heat up your home. If you are running an old furnace, consider upgrading if it is in the budget. Newer furnaces are built to run using the least amount of energy possible without sacrificing quality.

The Thermostat

When going to sleep, lower your thermostat by 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t even notice it and besides, you’re in a nice warm bed. Try getting used to living in an environment a few degrees lower. Every week, try lowering your thermostat by one degrees and see how it goes. On average, every time you lower your thermostat one degree you lower your bill by 1% (to a certain extent). To make these tasks easy, buy a programmable thermostat. You can set what temperature you want at certain times. I’m sure having to change it periodically throughout the day can be quite frustrating.


Try using a cold wash on your clothes this time. If you’re washing with hot water, 80-90% of that energy is used to heat up the water. By eliminating that you are hardly using any energy. This is an obvious one, but fit as much as you can in one load. This means not separating siblings clothing into different washes or you and your spouses. Take the time to sort through it after and rake in the savings.

Leaks, Leaks, and More Leaks!

This is a really good one. If you have an unfinished basement, make sure you have insulation installed. It takes so much energy to try and heat up that basement especially if all of the heat is escaping. Again, go into your basement and look for any leaks where heat could escape. If you find spider webs, that means there is a leak because there is a draft around. Reseal your windows and anything else where a leak could occur. Do the same to all windows and
doors in your home. Use sealant around all doors and windows.

By using these tips you are saving a lot more energy than you could imagine. Want to visually see the results? Keep living this months without applying these techniques and mark down what your hydro bill’s cost was. At the start of the next billing period, apply all of these techniques and prepare to be amazed. Some people have no idea how much hydro they are wasting and can b saving a lot of money every month.


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