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Nov 07

Product Review: Control-n-Roll

Control-n-RollIf it seems you run out of toilet paper and paper towels all of the time consider Control-n-Roll. I’d never heard of this product until they sent me a sample to me to review. Control-n-Roll acts as a brake on paper dispensers that stops the roll when you stop pulling, which prevents wasting those two or three “extra” sheets of paper that continue to unwind after you stop pulling. It is easy to install and will save you money.

It took just a few seconds to install it on two of my toilet paper rolls. I could instantly see how it stops any extra rolls by the dispenser, which saves on the amount of paper used. This will definitely add up to savings on paper and on money.

Saving those “extra” sheets of toilet paper and paper towels with every pull means saving the natural resources — trees, water and electricity — needed to make it. By using Control-n-Roll, the average person will annually save up to a whole tree and thousands of gallons of water. You also reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing wasted paper towels that end up in landfills that also produce the deadly gas methane.

Control-n-Roll will help to prevent kids and pets to “play” with the roll and cause a mess with the paper. This product keeps the roll in control.

Everyone likes to save money. The following can be found on the Control-n-Roll website:

Saving those extra one or two sheets of paper with every pull will save a family of four up to $200 or more in a year!

Let’s suppose you threw a penny in a bucket every time you pulled off the toilet paper that represents the cost of those wasted extra one or two sheets of paper. Guess how many pennies you would have in your bucket after a year? 6570 pennies. That is $65.70 each person will save over a year in toilet paper alone.


I would recommend Control-n-Roll to everyone. The more toilet paper and paper towel dispensers you install it on the more you will save. It is an easy way to save paper and money in your home. It is also made in the U.S.A. You can follow Control-n-Roll on Facebook or Twitter.


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