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Solar Steals the Spotlight: Power To The People

Advocates of solar power enjoyed a huge victory recently, as the renewable energy source accounted for all new electricity generation capacity that was added to the US grid in March of this year.  A new report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) also found that all other energy sources did not manage to contribute anything to the grid during the same period, and that solar energy may soon become America’s largest method of energy production in as little as four years.  This is welcome news for environmental activists who have been supporting the use of solar power to produce clean energy for a number of years.

Residential Solar Power Systems

Recent advancements in solar technology have allowed it to become a much more attractive option for consumers, and many households are switching over to solar for their home energy needs.  Residential solar energy systems are still a little too expensive for many homeowners, but continued progress in this field will hopefully make them attainable to the majority of the population in the near future.

The Invention of Solar Power

Solar power was discovered in 1953 by researchers at Bell Laboratories in the US.  They managed to create the very first solar cell which has evolved into the modern solar technology that we enjoy today.  Solar energy has been used to power a variety of different devices including mobile phones, water heaters, outdoor lighting systems, solar spotlights and even motor vehicles.  Solar companies are currently working on ways to make solar energy more reliable, and some solar installations can store up to ten hours’ worth of energy.  This makes them a much more attractive option for those who live in locations with unpredictable weather.


Developers have even created a ‘spray on solar panel’ which can be sprayed onto the side of buildings, cars, or virtually any flat surface.  These huge advancements in solar technology are partly due to the fact that the cost of buying and installing a solar power system has dropped by 40% over the last two years.  A residential solar power system will currently cost homeowners around $30,000 to install, and a number of solar companies are offering a unique solution to those who are unable to afford the cost.  Third-party-owned solar means that a solar company will buy and install the solar panels onto the roof of a property, and the owner can then purchase the electricity generated from the panels at a reduced cost.

There has been a 600% increase in the amount of solar energy being used across America in the last five years, and the majority of Americans wish to see this trend continue.  However, the big utility companies are not so excited about the rise of solar energy, as it has proven to be a stiff competitor in the battle for market share.  Hopefully the large power companies will eventually start to embrace the idea of solar power, and help America end its dependence on oil once and for all.  Getting the nation’s households switched over to a clean, renewable source of energy would be a huge step forward for the environment, and will help to reduce the damage caused by burning fossil fuels.

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