6 Things That Are Harming The Environment And How You Can Help

6 Things That Are Harming The Environment And How You Can HelpMany items that are produced in large quantities today are actually harming the environment. This could be because of improper disposal or because of the chemicals in the product. It is important to know about six things that are harming the environment today and how to help stop the damage they are causing.

Water Bottles
Billions of disposable water bottles are deposited into the environment every year. They contaminate soil and water supplies. They are also creating dangerous hazards in the middle of the ocean. This can be stopped by carrying reusable water bottles instead of buying disposable ones.

Chemical Lawn Fertilizers
The powerful chemical fertilizers many homeowners use to keep lawns green actually contain abnormally high levels of phosphorous. This phosphorous is washed into local rivers and lakes whenever it rains. The phosphorous causes algae blooms that kill wildlife and make water unsafe for humans. The way to prevent this is to use natural or organic fertilizers.

Automobile Exhaust
Automobile exhaust releases harmful emissions into the air that lower air quality, pollute the atmosphere and bind with particulates to create smog. The best way to reduce emissions is to cut back on driving whenever possible. This could mean car pooling, riding a bike, taking public transportation or walking to work or school.

Car Tire
A car tire can leach toxic chemicals into the soil over time. Entire lots full of them can attract unhealthy pests, contaminate groundwater and provide fuel for fires that release toxic particles. All car tires should be recycled or disposed of through a waste management company. The material can be turned into garden mulch, new consumer products or aggregates for construction.

Filtered Cigarettes
Filtered cigarettes reduce air quality and cause health problems. The actual filters accumulate in landfills, oceans and other areas around the world in the trillions. Reducing the number of filters in the environment means quitting smoking or disposing of filters responsibly in waste bins so they do not enter sewers, streams and natural areas.

Plastic Bags
Billions of plastic bags make it into landfills, bodies of water and the environment every year. Plastic bags waste resources, hurt animals and contaminate the ground in some areas. Carrying a reusable canvas bag makes it unnecessary to use disposable plastic bags while shopping. Any plastic bags already in the home should be reused or repurposed as much as possible.

It is important to remember that every small contribution from every person counts. Not buying a single disposable water bottle or properly recycling just one tire will make a difference. Small lifestyle changes can help the environment over time.


Tricia is a mom from California. She blogs when she has the spare time, and she highly recommends recycling your old tires!

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