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7 Green Grooming Tips For The Progressive Man

Going green means engaging in a complete lifestyle change. Beyond merely taking out the recycling, do your part by for the planet by cleaning up your act entirely. This effort includes when you get cleaned up in the bathroom each and every day. The following tips for green grooming will allow you to start your day off ecologically minded.


The Straight Difference

Disposable razors create an exorbitant amount of waste, using plastics unnecessarily that require fossil fuels to manufacture. From the packaging to the razor handle itself, there is a much more Eco-friendly approach to eliminating stubble. Use a straight razor. You will get a closer shave, and there is nothing going to waste. Lathering up with natural brushes from quality manufacturers offers a much more relaxing shaving experience as well.


Go Solar

This tip is especially valuable for men on the go. Instead of draining valuable energy with your electric razor on a daily basis, buy a solar-powered razor to make grooming greener and easier. The batteries charge quickly and efficiently from the sun’s rays in addition to eliminating the need to scour bathrooms for an outlet.


Perform Better Maintenance

Some men just will not lose their disposable razors no matter how urgent the need. Cut down on the waste associated with these products by extending their life for up to 150 additional shaves. The RazorPit offers a stunning blade sharpener that will keep disposable blades in top condition for longer.


The Benefits of Soap

Wash each and every morning using products that will not damage your skin and whose raw materials were obtained on the basis of fair trade. Sierra Cedar offers soaps that are packaged with 100 percent recycled materials while the soap itself is 100 percent organic, allowing it to make as little environmental impact as possible.


After Shave That is Gentle

Part of doing good for the environment entails maintaining your own health so that you can continue to make an impact. In order to do this, loose the alcohol-based products and go as organic as possible. The unnatural chemicals in most aftershaves also require manufacturing processes that ultimately do more harm than good when it comes to nurturing the world around us. Plus, alcohol based Aftershaves leave the skin feeling dry and irritated.


Conserve Water

People have a nasty habit of allowing the tap to run as they brush their teeth, shave, and wash. Conserve water by using a basin for your grooming activities or simply be conscientious enough to shut off the water between activities. A
little conservation goes a long way.


Skip a Day or Two

Most men do not need to shave every day. Luckily, skipping a shave or two once a week is in fashion. Additionally, showing a little stubble will make an impact when it comes to water consumption and the time needed for your morning routine.


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Hayley is a freelance blogger, author and consultant. She recommends visiting The Art of Shaving for quality grooming supplies.

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