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Taking Green Awareness Campaign Online

The world is in a very dangerous condition because of global warming which was pointed as the reason why many natural calamities occur every year. Recently, South East Asian countries are hit by typhoon Hiayan, one of the largest super typhoon ever recorded. Global talks on environmental issues are discussed but  most of the country leaders are still skeptical in doing actions to solve it.

Taking the initiative is a helpful way to help in fighting this global problem and students are the best people to help. With huge number of students who are technologically adept. And with their good writing experience, they can be the grass roots that can help the world cleaner.

Using technology and information dissemination can be effective and easy because of students. They are young, opinionated, and their on-line presence helps in reaching more people to support the cause. Here are few on-line activities that can be effective in making environmental campaigns effective:

Blogging: With hundreds of essays and papers that they write every week, writing becomes easy for them. They can start a blog and write any stories about the environment. The style of a writer is important in attracting readers. You have to remain informative but also be witty when writing. Humor is a plus factor because on-line users have short attention span and it can help them read longer. Accompanying short blog posts with pictures can also be effective in attracting readers.

Viral Videos: One characteristic of a good viral video is the humor. Students know a lot about creating videos and making it funny. That is why they are the best people to create one. They can either create parodies, comic acts, original songs, animations, or anything that can attract people’s attention. Disseminating information and awareness becomes easy. People find your video cool? Then they will share it through social networking sites, they will make your job a lot easier.

Memes: A Meme is a recent on-line culture where photos (sometimes videos) go on-line and netizens create versions making it viral. The humor of these memes is the main reason why it becomes viral among young people. Internet users can easily share these photos throughout social networking websites. While this method is more on attracting attention than giving out information, it is still a cool on-line method to use.

Websites: Creating websites is far advance for most students, but writing contents or participating in creating one is already enough to reach out to people. Encourage your organization to create websites and together put up articles, news, features or stories about nature. Websites (depending on how they are managed) are more credible so this is the perfect tool for telling information or data, and making people realize ways to help your cause.

Access to internet is one of the best tools for an effective green awareness campaign. Anyone working on one should consider taking it on-line. The methods above are probably small ways to help but remember: “small actions done are better than big plans made.”


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Sherry Franklin is an environmentalist and a constant article contributor for different websites about Environment. She is currently working for superiorpapers. You can contact her at her Share on Facebook

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