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Product Review: Glu6 Glue and Paste Made From Recycled Styrofoam

Many of us like to do projects or crafts that require glue or paste, but either it doesn’t work very well or the product is toxic and isn’t great to have around children. Now, I had heard companies were beginning to find ways to recycle styrofoam, but I’d never used any of these products. That was until sent me their Glu6 glue and paste to review. By the way the “6” in the name represents the recycling code for styrofoam.

So what is the deal with styrofoam and what is it actually? On their website, explains it very well: “Styrofoam with a capital “S” is actually an insulating compound manufactured by the Dow chemical company, not the packing peanuts, cups, take-out containers, and durable packaging most people think of. That sort of styrofoam with a lowercase “s”, otherwise known as polystyrene, is light, is mostly made up of air, and is much stronger than its weight would imply. It’s everywhere because it works! The problem is, it works too well: Mother Nature has a tough time breaking it down.” Information from many sources stat that styrofoam shows no signs of ever breaking down.


Glu6 Original Glue

Glu6 Original glue is the only recycled/sustainable glue which is made from recycled styrofoam and all-natural ingredients. It works effectively on home repair, DIY, household, arts/crafts, and school projects. It bonds to non-porous surfaces. It is non-toxic, waterproof, dries clear and is made in California.

When I used Glu6 Original glue I liked that it goes on and dries clear and holds its bond to metal and cardboard like glue should. An added bonus to this glue is the citrus smell. I’ve never experienced glue like Glu6 Original glue before.


Glu6 Craft Paste

Glu6 Craft Paste is the only recycled/sustainable paste available for adults and kids. Like the Glu6 Original glue, it is made from recycled styrofoam and all-natural ingredients. It is ideal for scrapbooking, school projects, and other arts & crafts because it bonds to porous and non-porous surfaces. It is also non-toxic, dries flat and is also made in California.

When I used Glu6 craft paste I liked that it dries flat while drying clear. It is more versatile than the Glu6 Original glue in that it will bond to more surfaces. Once again I really like that it has a citrus smell instead of toxic fumes I’ve experienced with using other pastes in the past.

I would highly recommend both the Glu6 glue and paste for everyone as it is safe for crafters of all ages and it works! You can buy both of these products here with a Fall combo discount, where you can buy both for only $10.

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