3 Simple Ways to Help Garden Wildlife In Winter

When winter comes around, it can be difficult for the various birds, mammals and insects that thrive in your garden to survive, so everything that you can do to make it less challenging for them has the potential to save their lives. Turning your garden into a winter haven for wildlife isn’t difficult, so follow these 3 simple ways to help your garden’s inhabitants through the long winters.


Food for Thought

One of the main reasons animals struggle during the winter is that they struggle to find enough food to survive on. You can help them in battle for survival in a number of ways.  For a start, placing out birdfeeders can help the birds which have settled in to roost through the winter.  You might also create a small pond to provide your local nature with a water source, although you’ll need to keep it sheltered from the cold weather to prevent it from freezing over using large bushes as shields.


Helpful Habitats

If you’re willing to go a step further, you could design and create some natural-looking habitats which your garden animals can use as shelter from the worst of the winter.  A great place to start is by using what you already have and altering it to accommodate for the wildlife.  For example, if you have a stone wall in your garden you could create small holes in it to allow small birds and other animals to hibernate there.  If you don’t have a suitable stone wall, you can purchase one from a company like Milford Fencing and Paving, as they make excellent features in any garden.


Unkempt Areas

A final way to help the local wildlife is to hold back on the tidiness of your garden over the winter period.  If there are piles of leaves on the ground don’t clean them up because they provide refuge to hedgehogs, insects and other small animals.  Similarly, if there are any piles of logs or compost to be spread, leave it until the spring as a range of beetles and their grubs can hide in the rotting wood.


So if you’ve been struggling to come up with ways to help the local wildlife through the winter, the 3 ideas above will help you to provide solutions.  Carry out these ideas and your garden is sure to be a haven to all your garden visitors throughout the winter season.

Clay Miller
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