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How Smart Home Devices Help You Conserve Energy

how smart home devices help you conserve energy

Every time the AT&T commercial comes on that shows the man who is able to set his house alarm, turn off his entertainment system as well as his faucets and lights all with the help of one remote control, it shows us just how far that technology has come. Now, due to smart home automation, we don’t even have to be inside of our homes in order to monitor a lot of the features that are inside of our houses.

Yet aside from the extreme convenience that smart home devices are able to offer us, have you ever thought about how much energy they help us to conserve as well? If you’re thinking about investing in a smart home system and you’d like to know some of the ways that it has been proven to increase energy efficiency, we’ve enclosed five of our top ways below:

Smart home devices can turn things off when you forget to. All of us have experienced times when we’ve ran out of the house to go to work or to run an errand and we forgot to turn off our stove or the faucet in the bathroom. Rather than going all the way back home to turn these things off, you can now use a smart home device to do it. This ultimately saves time, energy, gas and money.

Smart home devices can let you control your lights. If you’re preparing to go out of town, without a smart home device, you might find yourself leaving certain lights on in your house until you return. But if you have one, you can either put your lights on a timer or you can turn them on and off with the help of a remote. This will reduce your electricity expenses, significantly so.

Smart home devices can let you know when you have a water leak. Some of us can go literally months paying more than we should when it comes to our water bills and it’s all because we didn’t know that there was a leak somewhere in our house. Thanks to smart home devices, we can be alerted the moment a pipe has one. This can save us quite a bit in energy costs and also plumbing repair bills.

Smart home devices can make you more aware of how you use your HVAC unit. If you’re someone who has the tendency to leave your HVAC unit running on high either at night, while you’re at work or even when you’re on vacation, a smart home device can prevent that from being a future issue. With the help of items like a programmable thermostat, you can preset your unit and should you forget to do so once you leave the house, you can still turn it down or off thanks to the handy remove control that tends to come with smart home automation packages.

Smart home devices can make us more responsible with our electricity and water. As you start making more of a concerted effort to monitor and control how you use your energy, you usually start to become more responsible as a direct result. Suddenly, you find yourself looking for appliances with an Energy Star label on them, you go online to look for things like a guide to a new gas furnace or the best windows for your house and when you are at home, you tend to manually turn off your lights and electronics. And being that smart home automation is actually pretty affordable, as you can see, there is simply no reason why you should not start using it—today.

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