Make Your Garden Green

Making sure you’re as green as can be in every aspect of your life means that you have to be green in the garden too. And just because you have a garden doesn’t mean that you’re automatically green anyway. Gardens can use up a lot of energy and you don’t even know you’re doing it. Follow these tips for a wonderfully green garden.


Garden Gadgets

Technology, whilst it may be a bigger upfront cost, can help you to garden more efficiently. A solar powered lawnmower, like the one from Husqvarna, is fully automated and partly powered by the sun. It uses considerably less energy than a regular lawnmower, which means that it’s good for the planet.

Another gadget that helps make your garden healthier is a plant sensor. Stick it in the ground next to your plant and it’ll tell you whether your plant needs water or not. Sophisticated versions will tell you more details of your plants’ status, such as temperature, humidity and even drainage, and can also give you recommendations as so to help the plant flourish and thrive.


Garden Furniture

There’s no reason why your garden furniture shouldn’t be eco friendly these days, as it so easily sourced. If you go for a natural material, such as wood or metal, then you need to make sure that it is sourced ethically. FSC certification will be sustainably sourced wood, but it will require upkeep and regular maintenance. Metal will also require maintenance, though on a less frequent basis.

Plastic that looks like wood is always a safe bet, such as rattan furniture from the Garden Furniture Centre. This type of rattan is often made out of material that will protect it from the outdoor elements, meaning that they will last for a very long time, and you won’t have to use chemicals to treat it.


Indoor Gardening

If you’re living in a flat or somewhere without an outdoor space, then you may be struggling with the fact that you can’t garden. However, you can be just as green with household plants. Think herb gardens, cacti and house plants for your green fix, and simply collect rain water from a window to water your plants with that and save the water from a tap.

You can also find complete systems to sustain plants that would never normally be able to survive indoors. They have energy efficient lights, and a water system, so your plants can flourish indoors.

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