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Eco-chic Recycling in the New Year

Recycling should be chic and simple. We all want to resolve to recycle more in the new year. How can you keep that commitment? We’ve spotted one simple product that  will change the way you recycle.

The RecyclerSack combines fine-art and sustainability all in one trendy bag. This perfect size recyclable & reusable bag has uniquely designed nature-themed artwork that makes you want to recycle everywhere.  Here are a few ways in which the RecyclerSack can help change your behavior when it comes to recycling:


Keep it Visible

It’s important to place your recycling container where you can see it. One reason that people don’t recycle is because they forget. For example, 7 out of 10 Americans say they always or almost always recycle, yet only 1 in 5 consistently recycles bathroom items, according to a report commissioned by Johnson & Johnson. Why? We believe it’s because there’s no vehicle to enable recycling in most bathrooms. Place a RecyclerSack in the bathroom and voilà—problem solved.

eco-chic recycling in the new year

Make it Attractive

Why settle for a blue bin? Recycling doesn’t have to look traditional. The RecyclerSack is covered with exclusively designed eco-themed paintings to engage you in the recycling process. It’s so colorful that you’ll want to keep the bag in sight. Most importantly, it reminds you that every plastic bottle you recycle makes a difference to keeping our world green. We love the RecyclerSack because it looks cool and it shows your commitment to recycling.


Place it Everywhere

Let’s face it. We’re always on-the-go. How do you currently manage your recyclables when you travel? If you don’t have a nice system for collecting your empty water bottles, they might not make it to the recycling bin. The RecyclerSack is easy to store in the car or in your bag, and then you can pull it out when you need it most. Recycling shouldn’t just be for in the home. The RecyclerSack transforms where and how you recycle.

Show off your RecyclerSack in the new year and be on the front end of this trend!


Guest post by EndInMind Design. Follow @RecyclerSack for more eco-chic ways to stay green.

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