How Can Healthy Green Diet Help You to Improve Your Fertility?

It comes as no stranger to everyone of us that having a healthy diet which consists of a serving of fruits and vegetables has many health benefits. However, it’s important for a husband and wife to know that a green diet can also help in keeping their fertility levels high, and ensuring good reproductive health. You can learn more here.


Reasons for Poor Fertility

There are many reasons on how one’s fertility health can be degraded. Studies show that being overweight or underweight has a very high infertility risk, because the hormones related to it are getting disrupted under these conditions. It’s even shown that infertility rates are higher on men than on women, because of high rates of obesity among them. Having an overweight or obese body contributes to lower sperm count and reduced sperm motility (the sperm cells’ swimming strength).

For women, the same conditions also contribute to infertility, by promoting poor ovulation. Poor ovulation results in having unhealthy egg cells inside the body, which makes them unsuitable for reproduction.


Nutrients needed for Fertility

A green diet based on fruits and vegetables provides all the necessary nutrients that are needed to promote good reproductive health and increase fertility.

The nutrients that are needed for this purpose are…


  • Fatty Acids – Different types of fatty acids include Omega-3 and Omega-6. They are well-known to regulate hormones, increasing cervical fluid count and promoting healthy ovulation. While these fatty acids are commonly found in fish, plant-based fatty acids, known as ALA (alpha-linoleic acid), are found in several plant-based foods including flaxseeds or flax oil, hemp, and walnuts.

  • Vitamin D –Vitamin D helps in promoting more estrogen production for women, and also assists in regulating sperm and egg cell growth.  A very good source of Vitamin D to incorporate in your green diet are edible mushrooms, especially shiitake mushrooms.
  • Lycopene & Vitamin C – It is common knowledge now a days that antioxidants helps promotes healthy cells by destroying the free radicals that are degenerating them. This also applies to sperm and egg cells, essentially promoting healthier reproductive cells. Tomatoes are often cited as the best sources of Lycopene around, but they can also be found in other red-colored fruits and vegetables, like carrots. Vitamin C can be found in various citrus fruits as well as other types of vegetables.

  • Folate – Another nutrient which contributes to healthier cells, Folate is very essential in rapid    cell growth and cell division, ensuring healthy sperm maturation for men and egg creation for females. Folate can be found in various vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and lima beans.
  • Vitamin A – Another nutrient that enables increased cervical fluid count, and also helps develop follicles for women. Vitamin A found on certain fruits are considered as carotenoids, hence, more of it is required to meet the Vitamin A dose. They can be found in carrots, pumpkins, spinach, etc.
  • Iodine – Iodine helps in keeping the thyroid function healthy, which assists in the production of hormones for sex. Sea-based fruits and vegetables including seaweeds, coconuts, as well as spinach, are excellent sources of iodine.


Having enough consumption of these nutrients is a sure-shot way of keeping fertility levels high in both men and women. People who also buy novarel, a food supplement, also aids in this purpose.


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