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One Hundred Percent: The Global Push to Go Totally Green

The global push to go totally green is slowly gaining momentum around the world, and many countries are leading the way by producing the majority of their energy from clean, renewable sources. A decade ago, the idea of a totally green planet seemed like a subject for science fiction writers, but huge advances in renewable energy technology have allowed various nations to begin weaning themselves off of their dependence on fossil fuels. From individual towns to entire countries, people the world over are taking the next step towards building a brighter future for our children, and Al Gore’s dream of a 100% green planet may become a reality much sooner than expected.


Green Towns in the US

After a tornado ripped through Kansas destroying the town of Greensburg in 2007, the residents decided to turn tragedy into opportunity and set out to rebuild their town to be one of the world’s greenest communities. Greensburg now generates 100% of its own energy from 10 wind turbines that stand watch over the town, and every single building has been built to LEED platinum standards. Although Greensburg’s population of less than 1000 people represents a drop in the ocean when compared with the energy consumption of the entire U.S, it is still a huge step forward and a shining example for other nations to follow.


Green Energy Around The World

Certain countries have a distinct advantage when it comes to producing green energy due to an abundance of natural resources. Iceland produces 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, and the majority of this energy comes from hydropower and the remainder from geothermal sources. Costa Rica also produces around 95% of its energy from hydropower, and the tiny country of Albania runs on around 85% renewable electricity thanks to its large scale hydroelectricity facilities.


Getting Involved

Homeowners can also lend a hand to the green movement by generating their own renewable energy. There are many ways to power your home using green technology, but for most homeowners the most effective and cost-efficient method is by installing solar panels on the roof of your home to harvest the sun’s energy. Any surplus energy you generate can even be sent to the national grid and will help to offset the cost of purchasing energy from the power companies, so you could even save money whilst helping the environment. To ensure you get the most from your renewable energy system, book a consultation with an solar installer who will advise you on the best solar panels for your home.

As the world’s remaining fossil fuels are gradually depleted, more countries will eventually start to take an increased interest in green energy. Pioneers like Iceland have shown the world that it can be done with just a little foresight and determination, and many other countries are falling into line behind them with their own ambitions to become 100% green nations. The next step is to get some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel consumers such as China and India to increase their production of green energy and gradually make the transition to a totally green planet.


Ryan McNeill researches the impact of the green movement on society. He enjoys blogging about his insights and the trajectory for future energy sources. Visit for more ideas on renewable energy.

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