The Most Effective Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain can be extremely uncomfortable and can even interfere with your day-to-day lifestyle. While you can ease pain with prescription or over the counter medications, these often come with side effects that are not ideal for your health or your body overall. Luckily there are many natural methods available to help reduce joint pain. Here are the most effective natural remedies for joint pain.

First, be sure to eat right to help ease the pain in your joints. Changing your diet to include healthy fruits, veggies, fish and meats can have a huge difference in your comfort levels and your general health and well-being. While food alone cannot prevent or cure joint pain altogether, it can alleviate your symptoms and help you enjoy a better quality of life. Certain nutrients founds in the foods you eat can help your bod to enhance muscle and bone strength, slightly easing pain. Be sure to eat foods that are rich in nutrients such as omeg-3 fatty acids, vitamins C, K and D, as well as polyphenols, which are known to help fight pain.

Eating right is a good first step to watching your weight. Often joint pain can be caused or worsened by obesity since the extra pounds put added pressure on the joints causing inflammation and irritation. Be sure to lose weight in a healthy manner by eating balanced meals. Also, start a gentle exercise routine as directed by your doctor. Don’t overdo it, but start moving your body with a light walking routine or gentle weight lifting to help you drop the pounds and tone up. Every pound you shed helps to ease 4 pounds of pressure applied to joints, so not only will you feel and look better due to the lost weight, but your joints will thank you!

Another natural way to ease pain in your joints is to drink more water! Not only does water help your body stay hydrated, but it also softens the cartilage in your bones keeping them hydrated as will. This makes sure that you are able to maintain an appropriate blood volume so that nutrients move through the blood and are able to reach your joints. Water also helps your body move waste away from the joint regions, working to reduce any achiness.

Self-massage is also a great remedy for joint discomfort. Use warm massage oil that you can buy in a store or make yourself at home with some mustard oil, and anti-inflammatory garlic. Use this to massage the joint such as your knee for immediate relief. This will help get the circulation going around the joint and will ease minor aches and pains.

Stretch! Some simple yoga poses can help you to release tension in your joints. For discomfort in your tennis, try “Cobra” pose to stretch your aching muscles as well as your back. Gentle yoga poses are low impact and can be very accessible for those with joint pain who find it difficult to do other forms of physical activity.

If you are experiencing joint pain and would like to find a natural way to ease your pain, try any or all of these natural tips and remedies. Often maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising, self-massaging, and staying hydrated can give your body what it needs to heal and lessen the pain and inflammation around your joints.

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