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Go Green! Go for Metal Buildings!

Considering the rapidity in which the principles of environment friendliness, energy sufficiency and sustainability of any structure are increasing, people are trying to find a suitable alternative to traditional constructions. However, despite these ideas are becoming increasingly popular, many of us are not aware about the actual idea behind green building. Naturally, every time some expert publishes an article or insightful analysis about the importance of opting for green buildings over traditional ones, we actually go through a hard time in associating green and metal.

This problem occurs mainly because the concept or idea behind green building hasn’t been popularized yet, as per the level of expectation. Furthermore, it is a basic human psychology that we tend to interpret something in terms of the image that pops in our psyche, once a word is read or spoken. So, popularly it is believed that green building means environment friendly construction and that has something to do with vegetation and soil but definitely no metal. Yet, quite contrary to such ideas, metal or steel buildings are actually the green constructions.

Features of a Green Building:

  • Not necessarily made of vegetation [metal building kits also fall in the Green Building category]
  • Environment responsible – will not be adding additional hazards to the hemisphere [conventional constructions cause the inclusion of materials like silica, alumina, carbon, sulfur]
  • Energy efficient – steel and metal buildings are far more energy efficient than conventional structures as they stop corrosion, reflect heat better and lessen energy consumption. While the construction of conventional buildings adds chemicals in the environment that make greenhouse gases more effective, on the other hand, the steel and metal building kits reduce the amount of environmental hazardous elements significantly.
  • Resource efficient: A great advantage about steel buildings is resource efficiently. Unlike conventional structures, recycling a steel or metal building gives you back 100% of the material used in the construction process.
  • Relief from maintenance: Conventional structures need regular maintenance and it is quite costly as well as time consuming. In case of a prefabricated steel building or a metal building available for sale, maintenance doesn’t cost much, and it can be completed pretty quick. The best part is that these constructions don’t need maintenance every now and then.


Go for Metal Buildings – with Style:

Every time you check out the pictures of metal buildings on the internet, in your heart you don’t really feel going for having a structure for commercial or residential purposes. They are in no way attractive, no matter how sustainable they appear. But, this is just one side of the story. If you are interested in customizing the construction, several additional accessories are available that will make your dream come true. These accessories don’t come as a part of the metal building or garage kits but can be purchased at an affordable cost. Ultimately, the overall construction cost will not only remain well within your affordability but also will help you saving a lot, considering the amount you had to spend for a conventional building or a wood construction.

Opting for metal buildings or garages, thus, is benefitting in every way you can assume. Whether you are planning to use them for commercial or residential purpose, these buildings will serve and satisfy you equally. So, get set ready to go green with metal buildings. All you need is a bit of planning and courage to take the right step!



Wesley Peterson is a Construction Blogger and Writer with over 10 years of experience. He presently works at US Steel Builders, a Lake Worth Florida-based Steel building firm as its Editor. Wesley discusses topics like steel and metal building tips, types and other related topics at US Steel Builders’ Blog.

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